Love Island 2023 Contestants, Release Date, Plot, Where Is Love Island Season 9 Filmed?

Love Island 2023 Contestants: Even while we enjoy the ITV reality programme that keeps us occupied during the summer, there's something about the winter series that we find irresistible. There were rotations of questions regarding Love Island 2023 Contestants. Let us check into the article to know more about Love Island 2023 Contestants.

by Hemalatha R | Updated Jan 12, 2023

Love Island 2023 Contestants, Release Date, Plot, Where Is Love Island Season 9 Filmed?
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Love Island 2023

ITV has already confirmed the lineup for the upcoming series. You can meet attractive singles traveling to South Africa. Laura Whitmore, who hosted the summer season of Love Island, announced her departure from the program after the summer season ended in August. Since then, it has been reported that Maya Jama, a radio DJ, and television personality, will take Laura's place.

Love Island 2023 Contestants

The below table contains the list of Love Island 2023.

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1. Olivia Hawkins
2. Tanya Manhenga
3. Tanyel Revan
4. Lana Jenkins
5. Anna-May Robey
6. Kai Fagan
7. Ron Hall
8. Shaq Muhammad
9. Will Young
10. Harris Namani

Love Island 2023 Cast

Here, you can find the contestants of Love Island 2023.

Olivia Hawkins

Olivia is a ring girl and actress from Brighton. The 27-year-old says she has never been in a committed relationship and stated: I'll bring fun, vibes, I'm a very confident, bubbly person..maybe a little bit of drama!" When discussing her career, she added, "I did a film with Jason Statham and had a nice 10-minute convo about life. I've been a ring girl for KSI, I played a waitress in James Bond with Daniel Craig, and I've also been a body double for Michelle Keegan and Emma Watson."

Tanya Manhenga

Tanya is a student and influencer who is 22 years old. She expressed her reasons for wanting to participate, saying, "I'm looking for a boyfriend, and I think being in a Villa with lots of different people will help me work out who it is I may want." I'm super nice, but don't let it fool you. I want to be friends with everyone, but if you're gonna be cheeky, I'm the sort of person that will give it back. I will bring good vibes and good energy."

Tanyel Revan

Tanyel, a 26-year-old hairstylist, says her ideal dinner date would be with Piers Morgan. She gave an explanation of why she wants to participate in the show." I do feel like I am ready to meet someone and push myself out of my comfort zone to meet someone who's not my typical 'bad boy' type. "I'm hard to get, confident, funny, charismatic, good-looking, and happy. I'm also a very loyal person, what is there not to love?" I'm single because I'm so fussy."

Lana Jenkins

A make-up artist from Luton, Lana is 25 years old. She said, "I think I will bring a lot of flirtation, I'm funny and I think I'm just a good person - so I will probably get on with everyone." I'll just go in there, have a laugh, and have a really good time. If I'm lucky, and there is someone I get along with, I think it could be really special." I'm looking for something that's a bit deeper, something more serious that could turn into something long term and hopefully a little love story." Lana claims that she "tickles" and is adept at cooking.

Anna-May Robey

20-year-old Anna-May, a Swansea native, admires Anthony Joshua and Coldplay. She states, "I will bring fun, I'm always up for a laugh, if someone tells me to go and dive in the pool I will probably do it." I'll bring energy to the Villa, I'll get everyone up playing games! I'm also not afraid to get in someone's way; if I like someone, I'll let them know." She claimed that her loved ones would characterise her as "energetic."

Kai Fagan

Kai, a 24-year-old Manchester-based PE instructor, is famous for having attended school with Marcus Rashford. She said, "I'm caring, loving, and impulsive, so I'm always fun to be around. I'm always busy, I'm never sitting still."" If you like to be busy too, then you can be busy with me. I can't remember the last time I sat in on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night." I'm single by choice. I'm looking for the right girl. I feel like I have quite high expectations. I don't feel I should commit to someone unless I'm absolutely buzzing over them because it's not fair on them."

Ron Hall

Ron, a 25-year-old financial advisor from Essex, says Madison Beer is her ideal woman. He states, "My mum and dad would say that I am a very funny, charismatic but genuine person."" I know that's a typical thing a parent would say about their son. But they know that I've got good morals. They know I'm a good person at heart. I'm not rude, I'm polite, I was brought up properly, a well-raised person." My friends would say it's very noticeable when I'm not around. I'm a good person to be around and I always 'add'. I'm added value."

Shaq Muhammad

Shaq a 24-year-old Londoner who works in security at airports.He states, "I'm a great boyfriend. I'm very kind and thoughtful. Parents always love me."" They say, 'He's a good person, you should marry him!' Once I'm with someone I'm always all about that person. I'm very vocal about that. I'm a catch!"

Will Young

A 23-year-old farmer from Buckinghamshire named Will wants Sir David Attenborough to portray him in the life-changing film he is writing and producing.He states, "Having grown up on a farm, it's been quite difficult juggling relationships and work," he said." Love Island will give me time away from the farm to solely go out and find love. I think I'm at the time of my life where I'm mature enough to go and find a wife."

Harris Namani

Harris, a 21-year-old Doncaster-based TV salesman, names J.Lo as his favorite celebrity. He states, "I'm different, I'm a unique guy, the way I act; confident, not awkward, especially with the girls."" I'm friendly, I'm very respectful as well. Anyone who meets me, I don't think they have anything bad to say about me. I don't give them that bad impression to say, 'Oh, I don't want to speak to him again.'" 

Love Island 2023 Release Date

The first episode of Love Island will run at 9 p.m. on January 16 to kick off the competition.The return of the new season of Love Island 2023 has finally been confirmed by ITV. The new episode will be streamable on ITV's new service, ITVX, after the live broadcast.

Love Island 2023 Plot

In an effort to find love, the "islanders," a group of "single" candidates, live together in a specially built villa that is cut off from the outside world. A group of single "Islanders" gathers in a beautiful villa in South Africa to begin the matchmaking process as they prepare for a summer of dating, romance, and, ultimately partnerships. The islanders pair up every few days, and those who are single run the possibility of being expelled.

Where Is Love Island Season 9 Filmed?

For the first time since 2020, Love Island is back, and there are exciting new improvements. The place where the UK-based programme will be filmed is one of these changes. A brand-new villa in South Africa is where the ninth season of Love Island is being filmed. On January 16, Love Island will return to our screens for the second time with a "winter" edition of the series.

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Love Island 2023 Contestants - FAQs

1. How many Love Islands are there?

The series is the originator of the international Love Island franchise, with twenty-two versions of it having been produced so far worldwide.

2. What does window shopping mean in Love Island?

Window shopping, Just looking around. Manicure – Getting handsy. French tips – Using fingers. Blowdry – Oral sex. Full set – Sex.

3. Which country first started Love Island?

Love Island is a dating reality show that originated in the United Kingdom in 2005 as Celebrity Love Island.

4. Will there be a Love Island 2023?

Love Island is just around the corner with the 2023 winter edition of the popular dating show kicking off as soon as next week. Ahead of the launch, bosses have announced this year's incredible line-up.

5. How long is Love Island 2023 on for?

Love Island kicks off on Monday, January 16, 2023, at 9 pm on ITV2. The show will then continue every night except Saturday when a highlights show will be aired instead. All episodes will also be available to watch on ITVX. The grand finale will take place eight weeks later, on March 13, 2023.

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