Shareit Alternative Indian App - List of best alternative App for Shareit in India

Updated: Aug 27,2020 10:22 GMT

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Shareit Alternative Indian App - Are you looking for Shareit Alternative Indian App? Here are the complete details on the Alternative App for Shareit in India. Almost 59 Chinese Apps including Shareit banned in India. Avail the information on Shareit Alternative Indian App, Indian App similar to Shareit, Alternate Indian App for Shareit, Indian file transfer App for Android on this page. Also, check the best Shareit Alternative Indian App, Shareit made in which country,  Indian Sharing App like Shareit from this article.

Shareit Banned in India

Shareit banned in India - Nearly 59 Chinese applications were banned in India. The Shareit Chinese application was included in the list. People who use Shareit can get the best Shareit Alternative Indian App, Alternate Indian App for Shareit, Indian App similar to Shareit from this article. Check the Shareit Alternative Indian App, Indian sharing App like Shareit, Shareit Alternative Indian App listed here.

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Shareit Which Country App

As we know Shareit Banned in India along with other Chinese applications, now people are in the great search for the Indian App similar to Shareit. At the time when Shareit has launched the big question that rose out in our mind is which Country App is the Shareit. The Shareit is purely a Chinese app and was founded in April 2015.  

Shareit Alternative Indian App

Shareit one of the Chinese App that were used to transfer files mainly in Andriod devices has been banned by the Indian Government. More users have come up to search for Shareit Alternative Indian App, Indian file transfer App for Android, Alternate Indian App for Shareit. We have listed some of the best Shareit Alternative Indian App for you. Check and start using the Shareit Alternative Indian App.

Alternative App for Shareit in India

Are you searching for Alternative App for Shareit in India, then there is the list of Alternative App for Shareit. Check the Alternative App for Shareit details below.


ShareAll allows you to share files instead of Bluetooth, through WiFi File Transfer. You can also protect your files by password, whether they are music, photos, documents, videos, etc. It's available to android users only.

Send Anywhere

The Send Anywhere app also helps the users to transfer files directly using WiFi. The Send Anywhere App has another aspect, as it uses strengthened 256-bit file encryption to improve protection when exchanging files with others. You can even create links so you can copy-paste the link to social media and messaging platforms so users can easily receive files. The app can be found on both iOS and Android.

Files by Google

In 2017, Files by Google was launched as Files Go. The app helps you to monitor and search your files together with offline file sharing, and clean cache files to make your smartphone work smoother. The app is only available on android only, and not on iOS.


Indian sharing app, Swift File Transfer, as the name implies, is an application, which is used to transfer the high-speed file. The application is made in India. It can transfer HD movies, files, and images, in just 90 seconds.

What are other Alternative App for Shareit in India?

  • Superbeam

  •  JioSwitch

  • Z Share

  • Zapya

  • Feem V4

  • MX Player

Shareit Alternative Indian App - FAQ

1. Which Country App is the Shareit?

The Shareit is purely a Chinese app and was founded in April 2015.  

2. Is Shareit Banned in India?

Yes, Indian Govt has banned Chinese apps including  Shareit.

3. What are the Alternative App for Shareit in India?

The best alternative App for Shareit in India includes ShareAll, Superbeam, Files by Google, Send Anywhere and more.

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