League Of Legends Urf Tier List: What Are The Best URF Champs?

League Of Legends Urf Tier List: League Of Legends, commonly referred to as the League League is a multiplayer online battle video game, and the game was developed and published by Riot Games. Gamers are waiting to know League of Legends URF tier list. In this article, we can find information about the League Of Legends Urf Tier List.  

by Kowsalya Chinnadurai | Updated Oct 07, 2022

League Of Legends Urf Tier List: What Are The Best URF Champs?
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League Of Legends Urf Tier List

URF feature is an impressive roster of champions that players can choose from, popular for its lack of mana restrictions and cooldown reduction. But with all the game characters, URF champions are not creating equality. Some stand out and rise above the rest simply because they are that good on the list. These are the ones that belong to the S Tier. Champions that fall short of the standard belong to the A Tier. In contrast, champions who are powerful enough to be above average but not so much to become great alternatives are included in the B Tier. Then, champions that are more effective in only certain situations are grouped under C Tier. And lastly, the least ones belong to D Tier. After considering the Kill-Death-Assist (KDA) ratio, win rates, and pick rates, here’s our URF Tier List.

Best URF Champs


1 Zed
2 Yuumi
3 Shaco
4 Fizz
5 Malphite
6 Sona
7 Kayle
8 Vex
9 Hecarim
10 Morgana
11 Wukong


1 Maokai
2 Tristana
3 Vi
4 Janna
5 Veigar
6 Jinx
7 Jax
8 Zyra
9 Shen
10 LeBlance
11 Nasus
12 Xin Zhao


1 Aurelion Sol
2 Vayne
3 Ashe
4 Nautilus
5 Twisted Fate
6 Rakan
7 Rell
8 Kennen
9 Ivern
10 Kayn
11 Swain


1 Aatrox
2 Katarina
3 Sejuani
4 Varus
5 Poppy
6 Rammus
7 Renekton
8 Draven
9 Azir
10 Kassadin
11 Evelynn
12 Alistar

League Of Legends Best Urf Champs


Fiora is first on our list of mighty champions from the top of LOL. As one of the game's premium lists, Fiora is cool down and champion of the game. She can spam her Q to dash around in the lane; she is automatically striking the enemy champions, and chasing them down is a massive buff for her. It also allows her to shred through her turrets, making her an especially threat in skirmishes and the side lanes.


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Malzahar is the strongest mid-lane champion in Urf, with a staggering 57.85% win rate. His uncontestable wave, and his clear increased voiding alone, make him more terrifying. On top of shoving in every wave, Malzahar will be able to repeatedly silence the enemies with his E. He is the strongest in the League Of legends game.


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Xin Zhao

 He is Much like Fiora, Xin relies on his gap-closer and auto-attack-focused kit in order to excel in power. With an incredibly low cooldown dash, empowered auto-attacks most of the time, and a knock-up, Xin is more terrifying. Finally, his ultimate power allows him to get out of critical situations more regularly than normal. While you want to be more likely to play him in a lane, Xin Zhao’s URF clear speed is so fast you could probably face a struggle with him.


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Kai’Sa was suffering from a long cooldown and pronounced any windows of weakness in normal Summoner’s Rift gameplay. In URF, Kai’Sa can spam abilities with impunity, shredding waves and health bars. Another benefit is the now-niche AP Kai’Sa build that dominated pro play for an If is excellent in URF. The Daughter of the Void seems to be the most continuously powerful champion that League has to offer in URF in LOL.


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League Of Legends

URF is a featured game mode in League of Legends and is well known for having a very low on champions, abilities, and infinite mana. Unlike the ARURF, champions are assigned to the players randomly, but in URF, players can pick their champions. The two powerful game modes are Summoner’s Rift & ARAM. League of Legends also has a fair of rotating the game modes. One is Ultra Rapid Fire, and the other is aka URF. Although  League has some beloved game modes like Ascension, Odyssey and others.

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League Of Legends Urf Tier List - FAQs

1. Who is the developer of League of Legends?

Riot Games is the publisher of  the game.

2. Who is the publisher of the LOL game?

Riot games are the Publisher of LOL games.

3. Who is the director of the LOL game?

Andrei van Roon is the director of the game.

4. Who is the producer of the LOL game?

Jeff Jew is the producer of the game.

5. What is the platform used in the LOL game?

Microsoft Windows OS X  platform is uses in the game.

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