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Laboratory Lyrics - Dville Santa

Laboratory Lyrics: You can get the  Laboratory Lyrics “Here they go with this metronome bro Oh my god” by Dville Santa below and Laboratory has been topping the charts ever since it came out. With a beautiful rendition by Dville Santa, Laboratory has become an instant hit. Scroll down to get the full lyrics of Laboratory

by Dheshni Rani K | Updated Jun 08, 2021 12:17 PM

Laboratory Lyrics - Dville Santa

Laboratory Lyrics by Dville Santa

Here they go with this metronome bro
Oh my god

[Verse 1]
Yabadee boobeedee baba dooboop (Booboop)
A shoobee daba dooboo (Dooboo)
Liyaba daba dooboop (Bow!)
Bdooboodooboop badabadoobadooboop (Yuh)
Yaba dabap yababadaba (What) (Oohoo)
Yaba dababadaba (Alright)
It's off the top for real, all this off the top (I feel I feel I feel)

[Verse 2]
I said (He's a genius)
Womba domba
Shamba damba (Shamba damba)
Shamba da mamba damba gamba (Damba gamba)
Yama da llama llama chgamba gamba (Voice crackin')
Yaboo!? (cracka lackin')
Soobelooboop babalooboop glabaloogoop! (Oohooo!)

[Verse 3]
Yaga wagourt (Wagourt)
Yaga damaga labaga bargourt (Bargourt)
Shaga damaga dagaba gargourt (Mmmmmm)
Yooboop (Ooooh!)
Shabadaba, yoobadaba dooboop (Mmm)
Shabadaba, deeboop? (Hmm?)
Shabadaba gooba like a meeboop (MEEBOOP!)
Labo labo
Labo dababo glabo gluglug guhglable lable (Ooooh tongue twister!)
Like gaba gaba
Yaba dasabadaba yoobabababa (Blow!)
Abalaba dooba, cadoosay (Cadoosay)
Metamorphosis aporphis of morkle laborth laba gorbalib (LABORATORY!)
Yama nama doo
Yama namama, llama gamagoot (Gamagoom!)
An amba beebop (Gama juice)
Yaba dababada when da BEAT DROP! (BEAT DROP)

Ayabadaba doobop
Ayabada babada wadawoowop
A woowa dasoowa damala woowop
A loowa ahsoowa lamama noowop
Ayabadaba doodoo
Shamanama gowilla famana mama soosoo
Sa so sweeee, samasa sasamore
A yamanama namanama
A llama llama llama llama
I'm a llama you a llama
Llama looma llama llama

Laboratory Lyrics Details

Movie/Album : Laboratory
April 30, 2021 of the song: April 30, 2021 
Singers: Dville Santa
Music Composer: Dville Santa
The genre of the Song: RAP

Laboratory Lyrics from Laboratory

This song is one of Dville Santa best works. Dville Santa has given life to the song through his/her unique voice. Fans of Dville Santa can't seem to get enough of this wonderful song. Memorizing the lyrics is so easy because of the song’s peppy tune and catchy lyrics.

Interesting Facts About The Singer

The song from the Laboratory became viral soon after its release. Sung by Dville Santa, has left thousands mesmerized with its brilliance. Lyrics by Dville Santa have played a major role in the success of the song. Dville Santa has once again proved himself through the lines of this song. Overall this song is something that is never going to leave your playlist.

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Nationality - New York City of the Singer

April 30, 2021 of Laboratory

Produced by Geekinz the song is an ecstatic one. It was released on April 30, 2021. The lyrics will definitely make us feel fascinated and euphoric. If you want to find the lyrics of this song then you are in the right place. 

Some facts about Laboratory Song Lyrics

Released on April 30, 2021, this song has had No of Views on Youtube.
If you are repeatedly listening to such a delightful song like this then you should also listen to the cover by Josh Koya.
The Lyricist of this song is Dville Santa

Lyrical Video Of The Laboratory Song
Check out the lyrical video of the song here.

Video - 

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Laboratory Lyrics - FAQs

1. When did the Song Release?

The Laboratory Song was released on April 30, 2021.

2. Who is the Singer of the Song?

The singer of Laboratory Song is Dville Santa.

3. Who is the Lyricist?

The Lyricist is Dville Santa

4. Who is the music composer?

The music composer is Dville Santa

5. What is the genre of Laboratory?

The genre of Laboratory is RAP

6. What is the album name of the Song?

The Laboratory is from the Laboratory

7. Where to check the Song Lyrics?

Viewers can check the full song lyrics on our page.