Killing Floor 2 New Weapons And Best Weapons 2020 - What Are The Killing Floor 2 Best Weapons 2020 And Killing Floor 2 Weapon Tier List?

by Shalini K | Updated December 09, 2020

social social social social Killing Floor 2 New Weapons And Best Weapons 2020 - What Are The Killing Floor 2 Best Weapons 2020 And Killing Floor 2 Weapon Tier List?

Killing Floor 2 New Weapons 2020, Best Weapons and Weapon tier list. Developed and Published by Tripwire Interactive and supported by Saber Interactive,  Killing Floor 2 is a popular first-person shooter video game. It is the sequel to the game Killing Floor and can be played solo or in support with six players. With wide popularity, the game is played all over the World. The game gives its players a thrilling and adventurous experience where players use weapons and guns, attack enemies and earn in-game money and points. Now it is time for some Christmas treat! Yes, the developers have introduced Killing Floor 2 New Weapons for the players. Do you know the Killing Floor 2 New Weapons? If not, then take a look at the  Killing Floor 2 New Weapons 2020 and Killing Floor 2 Weapon Tier List. Check all the Killing Floor 2 Best Weapons 2020 and smash down your enemies.

Killing Floor 2 New Weapons 2020

Killing Floor 2 New Weapons - Killing Floor 2 is a gore of blood, guts, and more blood with a stockpile of weapons to look over to destroy the monstrous zeds. These weapons help to pass through all the higher level Zeds and bosses and make way for victory.

What are the Killing Floor 2 New Weapons? Are the Killing Floor 2 New Weapons powerful and killer with high damage capacity?

Find below the Killing Floor 2 New Weapons and use them in your game to combat the enemies.

List of Killing Floor 2 New Weapons 2020

Christmas Crackdown (2020)

There are two new Weapons in the Christmas Crackdown:

  • HRG Vampire for the Field Medic
  • Frost Fang for the Support and Berserker

Infernal Insurrection (2020)

There are four new Weapons in Infernal Insurrection:

  • HRG Scorcher for the Firebug
  • HRG Arc Generator for the Survivalist
  • Minigun for the Commando

Perilous Plunder (2020)

There are four new Weapons in Perilous Plunder:

  • HRG Kaboomstick for the Demolitionist
  • HRG Teslauncher for the Berserker
  • Blunderbuss for the Demolitionist and Support
  • Single and Dual Glock 18c for the Gunslinger

Neon Nightmares (2020)

There are two new weapons in Neon Nightmares.

  • HRG Incendiary Rifle

Set hordes of Zeds ablaze with this altered M16 M203 Assault Rifle furnished with combustible rounds and explosives. Projectile impacts additionally abandon a transitory fix of fire that consumes Zeds.

  • Compound Bow (Paid Content)

This adaptable bow highlights two-bolt types. Sharp bolts have a high entrance and harm rate and can be lifted off the ground to re-use. Cryo bolts make a little blast with a high pace of freeze. Both bolt types can be charged to support both reach and harm. For intimate experiences, the scuffle slam is likewise decked with a long sharp edge, managing significant damage.

Killing Floor 2 Best Weapons 2020 

List of all the Killing Floor 2 Best Weapons 2020:


Great axe

  • Most damage in a Melee weapon.
  • It is slower, but it is excellent.
  • Saves a lot of Ammo.


  • Fist weapon which looks dope asf.
  • Massive damage to the mobs.

Bone crushers

  • It can shield and use the bat.
  • Great for tanking attacks.
  • Looks unique and compelling.

Nail gun

  • It is not a very expensive gun.
  • It can be set to burst or used in a single fire.


  • It is a DLC classic weapon.


  • Ak12
  • It has a standard assault rifle with a decent clip.
  • Fast reload capacity.
  • General-purpose use.

Stoner Lmg

  • Instant fire for small groups and small attacks.
  • Good clip size.


  • It is better than Ak12 in terms of damage.
  • Looks trendy and gives a cool look.


  • Spitfire
  • Great and cheap fire pistol.
  • Can bring down many things and set fire.

Duel spitfire

  • It can be Upgraded with more bullets.
  • It has twice the fire rate.

Microwave gun

  • Holds extra damage for enemies with metal on them.
  • Remarkable for formidable enemies.
  • Comes with cool design.

Helios rifle

  • It is the best assault rifles for firebug.
  • Does considerable damage.
  • Sets targets on fire.
  • Swat
  • Glock 18
  • It is a  DLC but melts low-level enemies quickly.
  • The Riot Shield is a form of cover with the right mouse.

Tommy gun

  • Gives more damage than the Mp5.
  • Excellent weapon for small mobs.


  • Good sight.
  • Great damage.


  • Fast firing rate.
  • Has more bullets in the gun.


  • Combat shotgun
  • Fantastic range and also the upgraded starting weapon.
  • Looks dope

Trench gun

  • Makes fire rounds which can go far away.
  • More damage to support class.
  • Very cheap


  • Ability to fire four rounds at once.
  • High damage.

Duel HRG

  • Mini shotgun pistols.
  • Fast reload.
  • Excellent weapon.

Sharp shooter

Winchester 1894

  • A great sniper with 12 rounds.
  • Kills low levels in just one shot.
  • It takes time to reload.


  • Good damage than the Winchester.
  • Looks great and cool


  • Shoots fastly
  • Easy reload.
  • Good damage.
  • Good clip.


  • Slow fire but good damage.
  • Old fashioned weapon
  • Needs better aim.



  • Hx25
  • It is a starting gear, great hold and fun to attack.
  • Ability to take down multiple targets.

M16 assault rifle

  • Quick rounds with grenade launcher attachment.
  • The primary weapon for demo.


  • High damage.
  • Slow reload.
  • Limited rounds.


Hmtech 201 smg

  • Best Medic weapon
  • Good damage, and very cheap.
  • Ability to fire healing darts to help your team stay alive.


  • The right mouse does a healing slam which restores the health.
  • Excellent weapon for tanking hits.

Hmtech assault rifle

  • It fires healing darts.
  • High damage.


  • 1858 revolver
  • Great for the starter gear.
  • Very cheap.

Duel desert eagles

  • Powerful handguns.
  • Lots of attack and deaths.

Duel magnums

  • Expensive but does significant damage.
  • Amazing sound.

Duel winter bites

  • These are cool ice guns.
  • Very cheap.
  • Opposite to the fire guns

Killing Floor 2 Weapon Tier List

  • Berserker
  1. Lawn Mower Blade
  2. EMP Grenade
  3. Crovel Survival Tool
  4. VLAD-1000 Nailgun
  5. Katana
  6. Road Redeemer (Cross-Promotion)
  7. Fire Axe
  8. Zweihander (Cross-Promotion)
  9. Pulverizer
  10. Static Strikers
  11. Eviscerator
  12. Bone Crusher
  13. Battleaxe
  • Commando
  1. KF-BAR
  2. HE Grenade
  3. AR-15 Varmint Rifle
  4. SA80 L85A2 Bullpup
  5. Kalashnikov AK-12
  6. MKb.42(H) Carbine Rifle
  7. SCAR-H Assault Rifle
  8. Stoner 63A LMG
  • Demolitionist
  1. Utility Knife
  2. Half-Stick of Dynamite
  3. HX25 Grenade Pistol
  4. C4 Explosives
  5. M79 Grenade Launcher
  6. M16 M203 Assault Rifle
  7. RPG-7
  8. Seeker Six
  9. M32 Grenade Launcher
  • Field Medic
  1. Scalpel
  2. Medic Grenade
  3. HMTech-101 Pistol
  4. HMTech-201 SMG
  5. HMTech-301 Shotgun
  6. Hemogoblin
  7. HMTech-401 Assault Rifle
  8. HMTech-501 Grenade Rifle
  • Firebug
  1. Fireman's Knife
  2. Molotov Cocktail
  3. Caulk n' Burn
  4. Spitfire (and Dual Spitfires)
  5. Dragons breath
  6. Mac 10
  7. Flamethrower
  8. Microwave Gun
  9. Husk Cannon
  10. Helios Rifle
  • Gunslinger
  1. Bowie Knife
  2. Nail Bomb
  3. 1858 Revolver (and Dual 1858 Revolvers)
  4. M1911 Pistol (and Dual M1911 Pistols)
  5. .50 Desert Eagle (and Dual .50 Desert Eagles)
  6. .500 Magnum Revolver (and Dual .500 Magnums)
  7. AF2011-A1 (and Dual AF2011-A1)
  • Sharpshooter
  1. Kukri
  2. Freeze Grenade
  3. Winchester 1894
  4. SPX 464 Centerfire
  5. Crossbow
  6. M14 EBR
  7. Rail Gun
  9. M99 AMR
  • Support
  1. Machete
  2. Frag Grenade
  3. SG 500 Pump-Action
  4. Double-barrel Boomstick
  5. HZ12 Multi-Action
  6. M4 Combat Shotgun
  7. AA-12 Auto Shotgun
  8. Doomstick
  • Survivalist
  1. Gore Shiv
  2. Freezethrower
  3. Killerwatt
  • SWAT
  1. Tactical Knife
  2. Flashbang
  3. MP7 SMG
  5. Tommy Gun
  6. P90 SMG
  7. Heckler & Koch UMP
  8. Kriss SMG
  • Other
  1. 9mm Pistol (and Dual 9mm Pistols)
  2. Ammo
  3. Combat Armor
  4. Flashlight
  5. HMTech Healer
  6. Welder

Killing Floor 2 New Weapons - FAQs

1. Who is the developer and publisher of Killing Floor 2?

The game has been developed and published by Tripwire Interactive and supported by Saber Interactive

2. What is the game Killing Floor 2?

Killing Floor 2 is a  popular first-person shooter video game where players use weapons and guns, attack enemies and earn in-game money and points.

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