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Kiku TV Schedule 2021, Check KIKU TV Hawaii Program Schedule Here

Kiku TV Schedule 2021 - Do you want to know the Kiku TV Schedule 2021? We have gathered the complete list of shows and the timings for the Kiku TV here and scroll down to apprise yourself about the shows and programs that will be aired on Kiku TV.

by Sheetal Kumbhar S | Updated Apr 13, 2021 06:43 AM

Kiku TV Schedule 2021, Check KIKU TV Hawaii Program Schedule Here

Kiku TV Schedule 2021

Prior to knowing the Kiku TV Schedule 2021, we will quickly take you through the basic information about KIKU. Kiku channel is a virtual channel 20 and is an independent television station. This channel is licensed to Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. The owner of the station is WRNN-TV Associates. Everyone is awaiting KIKU's program schedule recently. We have updated all the shows that will be streaming on Kiku TV along with the timings.

Kiku TV Schedule Listings Today - April 13, 2021

Get the TV schedule for KIKU here,

Timings Shows/ Programs
12:00 AM Paid Program
12:30 AM Paid Program
01:00 AM Paid Program
01:30 AM Paid Program
02:00 AM Paid Program
02:30 AM Paid Program
03:00 AM Paid Program
03:30 AM Paid Program
04:00 AM Paid Program
04:30 AM TV Patrol
05:30 AM Balitang America
06:00 AM News Express FCI
07:00 AM Business First AM
07:30 AM Paid Program
08:00 AM Paid Program
08:30 AM Paid Program
09:00 AM Paid Program
09:30 AM Paid Program
10:00 AM Paid Program
10:30 AM Paid Program
11:00 AM Paid Program
11:30 AM Soko ga Japan
12:30 PM Doctor X 5
01:30 PM Paid Program
02:00 PM Paid Program
02:30 PM Paid Program
03:00 PM Paid Program
03:30 PM Since I Found You
04:30 PM Balitang America
05:00 PM TV Patrol
07:00 PM Kuru Kuru Japan
07:30 PM Soko ga Japan
08:30 PM Kita no Kuni Kara
09:30 PM News Express FCI
10:30 PM Paid Program
11:00 PM Word of Life
11:30 PM Paid Program

How To Purchase Copies Of KIKU Programs?

It is believed that since there are constraints concerning license and copyrights, it is not allowed to make, rent, or sell copies of programs that premier on KIKU. Nevertheless, there is another way of rebroadcasting some shows that make viewers watch episodes they have priorly missed to watch. As per the aforementioned information, there are strict instructions that govern the license of each program. There is no option for all the shows to be aired again after they have aired it once.

Why Does Soko ga Shiritai Continue To Air?

As we all already know,  new episodes of Soko ga Shiritai are awaited by many, however, the program is no longer in production in Japan. The episodes that stream on KIKU-TV were produced around 20 years back. They are still re-telecasted multiple times. In spite of them being old, the content is still very exciting and attractive, and so Soko ga Shiritai continues to be the most popular show on KIKU. Being that informed, there is a constant hunt for shoes similar to Soko ga Shiritai, to air on Kiku.

Why Are The Programs Not Aired On The Website?

Notice that whenever a show or a program is licensed, it is given permission to broadcast the program on the mentioned platform. If the same content has to be streamed on the internet, there is a separate set of licensing rules. And, so, streaming the content on the internet, requires a different license as a whole.

Are Japanese Drama Series Short?

Yes, it is speculated that in Japan, a common modern drama usually runs between 9 and 13 episodes. It is too rare to find long-running shows (52 weeks) such as Making It Through. One of the shows that stand out is NHK’s taiga drama, which usually runs for 50-52 weeks. There are certain sequels created for some specific series that prove to be popular in Japan. For instance, the detective drama Partners.

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Kiku TV Schedule 2021- FAQs

1. What is Kiku TV?

Kiku channel is a virtual channel 20 and is an independent television station.

2. When does TV Patrol premiere on Kiku tv?

TV Patrol premieres on Kiku tv at 04:30 AM.

3. When does Balitang America stream on Kiku Tv?

Balitang America streams on Kiku Tv at 05:30 AM.

4. When does News Express FCI stream on Kiku Tv?

News Express FCI streams on Kiku Tv at 06:00 AM and 09:30 PM.

5. When does Word of Life stream on Kiku Tv?

Word of Life premieres on Kiku Tv at 11:00 PM.

6. When does Kita no Kuni Kara stream on Kiku Tv?

Kita no Kuni Kara streams on Kiku Tv at 08:30 PM.

7. When does Since I Found You stream on Kiku Tv?

Since I Found You streams on Kiku Tv 03:30 PM.