Karnataka E-Pass Covid 19: Is E-Pass Required For Karnataka?

Karnataka E-Pass for Covid-19 has undergone some changes recently. So people want to know if an E-Pass is required in Karnataka and Read this article to get all the related information on Karnataka E-Pass Covid-19.

by Vishwesh Rajan P | Updated Apr 21, 2021

Karnataka E-Pass Covid 19: Is E-Pass Required For Karnataka?

Karnataka E-Pass Covid-19

With the number of Covid-19 cases on the rise again, several States have implemented complete or partial lockdown. The rules vary for each state based on the number of active cases. As for Karnataka, the Government is contemplating implementing Bengaluru-specific guidelines to control the pandemic. This is being done since the number of active cases almost hit 13,000 last Sunday in the capital. Read on to learn more on this.

Is E-Pass Required For Karnataka?

As of now, one does not require an E-Pass in Karnataka. The Chief Minister has also made it clear that there will be no lockdown since it will affect the livelihood of the poor. The number of cases is also under control when compared to neighbouring states. So an E-Pass is not mandatory at the moment in the state of Karnataka. But the Government might implement certain restrictions in the state’s capital since the rising number of cases has put the health system under pressure. Official information regarding this is expected to be released soon.

Situation in Bengaluru

The number of cases in the capital has risen rapidly with the number almost hitting the 13,000 mark. This has led to a shortage of Oxygen, hospital beds, and vaccines. Added to this there is also an incessant rush at crematoriums and burial grounds in Bengaluru. Government officials have said that the rush is due to delayed formalities in the hospitals which have in turn lead to the pile-up in crematoriums and burial grounds. Measures are also being taken to create four or five more temporary burial grounds in the city and increase the capacity of crematoriums. A notice was also sent out to private hospitals to release 50% of beds for Covid-19 patients under the Government Quota.

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Karnataka E-Pass covid19: FAQs

1. Is an E-Pass necessary in Karnataka?

No, an E-Pass is not required in Karnataka at the moment. 

2. Is there a lockdown in Karnataka?

No, the lockdown has not been declared in Karnataka as of now. 

3. Which city has the most number of active COVID-19 cases in Karnataka?

Bengaluru has the most active number of cases in the State.

4. What are the states that are currently under lockdown?

Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Chattisgarh are the states currently under lockdown. 

5. What is an E-Pass?

The E-Pass is a travel document that enables people to travel amidst lockdown. 

6. Which state has the highest number of COVID cases in India?

Maharashtra has the highest number of cases.

7. Which state has the least number of COVID cases in India?

Arunachal Pradesh has the least number of cases. 

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