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  3. Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana: How to Apply for Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana? Highlights and Eligibility Criteria for Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana

Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana: How to Apply for Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana? Highlights and Eligibility Criteria for Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana

Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana: Under Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana, a loan of 90% of the project cost will be available for setting up dairy of native bovine. Get to know all details about Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana, Kamdhenu Dairy Schema, कामधेनु डेयरी योजना, Kamdhenu Dairy Farm

by Monika | Updated Jun 17, 2020 07:31 AM

Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana: How to Apply for Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana? Highlights and Eligibility Criteria for Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana

Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana: Applications sought by June 30

The Kisan brothers are once again welcome at Tractor Junction. In the Corona transition period, the government's full focus is on the rural economy. Besides agriculture, the government is also promoting animal husbandry. One such scheme of the government is the Kamdhenu Dairy Scheme. Through this scheme, the government is providing self-employment to farmers, cattle rearers, cow owners, women, and youth by promoting animal husbandry business. Under the project, dairy can be established by taking a loan of 90% on subsidy. Under this scheme, the farmer has to invest a maximum of around Rs 3.5 lakh. The rest is funded through the government and the bank. In this scheme, at least 15 cows of the best native breed have to be kept in dairy, which gives about 10-12 liters of milk per day.

In this way, about 150 liters of milk are obtained daily from one of 15 cows. If you sell it at least Rs 35 per liter, then you can sell milk for Rs 5250 per day. In this way, you can sell milk worth about 1 lakh 57 thousand rupees in a month. Now you can calculate the earnings yourself. So through this post of Tractor Junction, you know about Kamdhenu Dairy Scheme.

Highlights of Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana 2020

  • The Government of Rajasthan has launched the Kamdhenu Dairy Scheme to promote the high-tech dairy farm of an indigenous cow.

  • Under the Kamdhenu Dairy Scheme, the Rajasthan government has asked for applications by June 30. In this scheme, youth will be given self-employment from dairy.

  • Under this, farmers, cattle ranchers, cow farmers, women, men, and young people of the state are all eligible.

  • The scheme will be operated through the Animal Husbandry Department.

  • According to the scheme's breeding policy, the milch can promote the diary of the advanced cows by enriching the native cows.

Loans and Subsidies / Animal Husbandry Scheme in Kamdhenu Dairy Scheme

The cost of a maximum one unit under the Kamdhenu Dairy Scheme will be Rs 36.68 lakh. In which the government and 10 percent amount will spend 30 percent of the project cost will have to be invested by the entrepreneur setting up the dairy. The bank will give a loan of 60 percent for animal husbandry. Educated cattle rearers who establish dairy are required to have animal husbandry experience and own land. Candidates willing and eligible to apply dairy will have to use in the prescribed form by June 30. Under the scheme, farmers are being given a loan of 90 percent of the total cost at 4 percent interest to raise 30 cows. 

Eligibility for Rajasthan Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana

  • Kamdhenu dairies will be opened through the government's selected candidates in the financial year 2020-21 as per the Department of Animal Husbandry's breeding policy under the 'Kamdhenu Dairy Scheme.'

  • The beneficiary should have sufficient space to open a dairy and at least one acre of land to produce green fodder. 

  • The successful applicant will also be given training and guidance in dairy management and cow products after getting a loan through the bank. The beneficiary is required to have at least three years of experience in this field.

  • Also, the dairy will be operated outside the restricted border area of ​​the local body.

  • Under the Kamdhenu Dairy Scheme, interested applicants can apply in the prescribed form by June 30 at the office of the Department of Animal Husbandry.

  • This diary will have 30 cows of the same breed with high milk potential. Cows of the indigenous breed whose age should be five years or two years old (whichever is less) and milk production should be 10-12 liters per day.

  • In the first phase, 15 milch cows of the same breed and the second phase, 15 native cow breeds, will have to be purchased in the second phase. 

Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana Documentation Process:

  • Imitation of land encroachment

  • Affidavit of work experience in the dairy sector

  • residence certificate

  • Aadhar card-linked bank account details

  • Details of income tax for the last three years

Application Process of Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana

The application process has started under the Kamdhenu Dairy Scheme in Rajasthan. Farmers can apply till June 30 to take advantage of the scheme. It will be necessary to fulfill the conditions prescribed for the application. More information and application forms of the plan can be obtained by downloading the Department's website.

  • Click on the link to Directorate of Gopalan, Rajasthan  to apply for the scheme.

  • In this page, you have to click on the Gopalan scheme option under program & scheme.

  • In this page, clicking on the option kamdhenu dairy scheme 2020-21, one has to download the PDF file of the scheme.

  • The affidavit will also have to be downloaded along with the form given in the pdf file.

  • Then after filling all the information in the form, the documents and the letter will have to be attached.

  • Subsequently, it has to be submitted before 30 June 2020 in the District Joint Director's Office.

  • After this, after checking the eligibility by the District Level Go Committee, the name of the beneficiaries will be pasted on the notice board of the District Joint Director's office.

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Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana - FAQs

1. When is the last date to apply for Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana?

The last date to apply for Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana is on June 30, 2020.