Jen_ny69 Net Worth, Age, Husband, Real Name, Instagram, How Old Is Jenny 69? And Where Is Jen_ny69 From?

Jen_ny 69 Net Worth: Jennifer Ruiz, also known as Jen ny69 on social media, is a beauty expert. She is, nevertheless, known for her secrecy. Jen ny69's husband, in particular, has sparked interest in her personal life. Scroll down the main page to know more information about the Jen_ny 69 Net Worth, Age, and Where Is Jen_ny69 From.  

by R Naresh | Updated Oct 04, 2021

Jen_ny69 Net Worth, Age, Husband, Real Name, Instagram, How Old Is Jenny 69? And Where Is Jen_ny69 From?
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Jen_ny 69 Net Worth

Jen ny69 has over 1.7 million Instagram followers and about 650K YouTube subscribers thanks to her bizarre infatuation. Her YouTube fame nets her anywhere between $3,900 and $62,500 per month. She makes anywhere from $2,500 to $4,300 from a single Instagram sponsorship post. She's turned her expertise in social media into a consulting firm for budding social media influencers. She not only gives advice on how to dress well, but she also teaches you how to snap the finest selfies for Instagram. Ruiz also provides one-on-one counselling on how to start a business. The cost of her speeches is $65.00 per person. However, if you want the VIP treatment, it will set you back $500.00. Her fame has brought her wealth, and her net worth is estimated to be between $500,000 and $1 million.

Who Is Jenny 69?

Jennifer Ruiz is a Mexican-American native of Corona, California. On 11th March 1994, she was born. She was one of the first Latino social media influencers when she started her beauty blogging career in 2014. Her fame grew quickly, and she became a sort of community representative in the online celebrity circle. She gives sound guidance on how to apply cosmetics to match one's skin tone. It's hard to think she wasn't allowed to wear cosmetics until she was 15. Ruiz's first contact with cosmetics was on her quinceanera day.

She recalls, "That was the first day I wore makeup." When girls make their debut as young women, it is a Hispanic tradition. It's usually their first time wearing make-up and high heels.

Annette Ruiz, Ruiz's sister, is a YouTube beauty guru. She started her YouTube channel at the same time and focuses on beauty and hairstyling instructions, as well as lifestyle videos. They also frequently give each other shout-outs and appear in one other's videos. Ruben Ruiz, the girls' brother, also lives with them. Manny, Ruiz's son, is her only child. We've seen him a lot on her social media, and he's quite cute. Fans enjoy seeing Ruiz juggle her social media appearances with being a mother to her toddler.

About Jen_ny69

Here are the details of Jen_ny69 age, husband name and other details such as, 

Birth Name Jennifer Ruiz
Age  27 years
Date of Birth 11th march 1994.
Birth Place Corona, California
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight  59 kgs
Spouse Emmanuel
Children Manny
Siblings Annette Ruiz, Ruben Ruiz
Profession  Fashion Vlogger, YouTuber
Alumni Riverside Community College
Net Worth $500K – $1 million
Nationality American  

Jen_ny69 Age

The age of Jen_ny69 is 27years. 

Jen_ny69 Real Name and Husband

Her husband's name is Emmanuel and her real birth name is Jennifer Ruiz. 

Where Is Jen_ny69 From?

Jennifer Ruiz is from California, USA. She is a social media star and beauty fashion blogger.

Jen_ny69 Instagram


People can follow her on Instagram at @jen_ny69

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Jen_ny69 Net Worth: FAQs

1. What is the husband name of Jen_ny69?

Emmanuel is the husband name of Jen_ny69.

2. What is the date of birth of Jen_ny69?

11th March 1994 is the date of birth of Jen_ny69.

3. What is the child name of Jen_ny69?

The child name of Jen_ny69 was Manny.

4. What is the net worth of Jen_ny69?  

The net worth of Jen_ny69 is $500K – $1 million.

5. What is the name of the Jen_ny69 siblings?

Annette Ruiz, Ruben Ruiz is the names of the Jen_ny69 siblings.

6. What is the birth name of Jen_ny69?

Jennifer Ruiz is the birth name of Jen_ny69.

7. What is the profession of Jen_ny69?

Fashion Vlogger, YouTuber is the profession of Jen_ny69.

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