Jairam Ramesh trolled for sharing tiger video on Twitter, clarifies

Updated December 12, 2020

social social social social Jairam Ramesh trolled for sharing tiger video on Twitter, clarifies


Bengaluru, Dec 12 (IANS) While a section of Twitterati trolled former union minister and Congress veteran leader Jairam Ramesh for posting a video clip of a tiger bathing in a bathtub four days ago on his wall, another section hailed him for making their day.

After days of trolling, Ramesh took to Twitter to clarify that four days ago when he tweeted he had never authentically claimed that this clip was shot in Karnataka's Kodagu district.

In an apparent bid to put an end to trolls, he added that in his tweet that "Experts have concluded that the viral tiger video is not set in India after analysing the tree species, the setting, etc. The original tweet came with a disclaimer of 'received on WhatsApp' because I had my doubts & asked the person who sent it to me. Am happy to stand corrected."

In his tweet that was posted four days ago, he had said "What an unusual occurrence. Apparently in Coorg. Received from a friend on WhatsApp."

In response to this clip on December 8, a Twitter handle @CoffeeStainsDesigns stated that Rubbermaid storage containers aren't from India but American! Not sure it would be here in India. Irrespective where it is, gorgeous!

Another tweet by @prasad010780 quips - Reminds me Shiv Sena of Maharashtra!!

While, @abi_vanak stated highly unlikely to be from Coorg. The foliage from the background suggests its from temperate country. The footage shot from vehicle suggests that its from safari of some sort!

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