iScanner App which Country: Steps for How to get iScan App for your phone? iScanner features and More Details

iScannerapp is from which country - iScanner, a PDF scanning app which helps us to quickly scan any type of documents which is helpful for your day to day life. As the Chinese apps are banned recently, Camscanner application is also looking for a replacement from the country where currently iScanner has emerged into the markets to fill up the place of Camscanner. Well, that’s really awesome to hear! But, iScanner app is from which country? Is iScan, an Indian app?  To get to know more on questions related to iScanner app from which country, let us learn something about this application further in this article.  

by Shalini K

Updated Oct 13, 2020

iScanner App which Country: Steps for How to get iScan App for your phone? iScanner features and More Details

Which country invented the iScanner App?

 iScanner application was developed by a company called BP Mobile LLC, in Miami, United States. Hence, the iScanner App belongs to the US.So, iScanner was developed in the US. The good thing about this is it can be used as a replacement for Camscanner, a Chinese application. Finally, the answer to the questions such as iScanner App which country app is out now.

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iScanner App - Which Country origin?

As mentioned,iScanner belongs to the US-based company, which is specialised in developing applications for iPhones and iPads. When it comes to the features of iScanner, it was exclusively designed for Apple products. But now this application is free for Android users too. iScanner provides a handy application that helps to scan different kinds of documents at large.

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iScanner Application Features

iScanner application provides a wide range of features which will be the most useful App for the students and business people. It scans any type of documents such as ID cards, passports, books, receipts, paper notes, whiteboards, schedules and timetables. You can even scan, save, and share any document in PDF, JPG or TXT format.

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Some of its unique features are

  • Digital Signature

  • Text Recognition through Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Pin Protection 

  • PDF Scanner

  • Document Editor and Sharing

  • Multi-Functional File Manager

  • Advances image Processing, colour correction, noise removal and much more.

  • The documents can easily be uploaded to cloud services such as DropBox, Google Drive and Evernote and finally can be printed with one tap.

Finally, we have learned the uses of iScanner, features of iScanner and which country iScanner belongs to and much more useful information. So, hurry up and install iScanner in your iOS or Android device and make use of this application to work efficiently with the documents.

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iScanner app which country - FAQ

1. iScanner app belongs to which country?

  iScanner application was invented by a company called BP Mobile LLC,in Miami, United States.

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