Is Zayn Malik Married? Zayn Malik Wife, Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Family And Parents

Is Zayn Malik Married -  Zayn, is an R&B and pop singer from England. Zayn was born on 12th January 1993 in Bradford, West Yorkshire. He is 29 years old. The fans of Zayn Malik are interested to know whether Zayn Malik Married. Here is the article, which tells Is Zayn Malik is Married or not.

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Is Zayn Malik Married? Zayn Malik Wife, Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Family And Parents
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Who Is Zayn Malik?

Zain Malik, known mononymously as Zayn, is an R&B and pop singer from England. He took part in the auditions as a solo contestant for the British music competition TV series The X Factor in 2010. Although Zayn was eliminated, he was brought back to the competition to create the five-piece boy band One Direction. It became one of the best-selling boy bands of all time. He left that group in March 2015 and then signed a solo recording contract with RCA Records.

Is Zayn Malik Married?

Zayn has sent his fans on social media into a meltdown with the sources claiming that he might have literally married his long-time sweetheart and mother of his child, Gigi Hadid. But, Zayn and Gigi Hadid ended their relationship in October 2021. This came into effect after Hadid's mother alleged him of striking her. In September 2020, he and his then-partner Gigi welcomed their first child.  

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Zayn Malik Age

Zayn was born on 12th January 1993 in Bradford, West Yorkshire. He is 29 years old, at present, as per thewikifeed. Zayn Malik was brought up in East Bowling, Bradford, in a middle-class family and surroundings. He studied at the Lower Fields Primary School and then at Tong High School in Bradford. Zayn started performing arts courses when he was a teenager and participated in school productions. He was brought up listening to his father's urban music records, especially hip-hop, R&B, and reggae.

Zayn Malik Girlfriend

Zayn Malik Girlfriend is Gigi Hadid, as per Elle. Gigi Hadid is a model and television personality from America. She is the creator and director of the famous clothing line ""Guest In Residence"". In November 2014, Gigi Hadid debuted in the Top 50 Models ranking at In 2016, the British Fashion Council named Gigi International Model of the Year. She was born in Los Angeles, Gigi started modeling as a child model for Baby Guess.

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Zayn Malik Bio

Specifications Details
Name Zayn Malik
Age  29
Profession R&B and Pop singer
Height 175 cm
Girlfriend Gigi Hadid
Networth $75 Million

Zayn Malik Family

Zayn's father's name is Yaser Malik, while his mother's name is Trisha Malik. Zayn Malik has an elder sister named Doniya and two younger sisters. His younger sisters are Waliyha and Safaa. He wrote raps when he was at school. He sang on the stage for the first time, when singer Jay Sean visited his school. Zayn had also boxed for nearly two years, from ages 15 to 17. Before starting his music career, Zayn intended to get an academic degree in English to become an English teacher.

Zayn Malik Parents

The name of the parents of Zayn Malik is given in the above paragraph. In 2010, 17-year-old Zayn auditioned for the first time in Manchester for the seventh series of The X Factor. During the morning of the audition day, Zayn Malik was nervous and did not wish to participate, but his mother forced him out of bed and persuaded him to go. Zayn sang a""Let Me Love You"" by Mario as his audition song and was selected for the next round.

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Is Zayn Malik Married - FAQs

1. Who is Zayn Malik?

Zayn Malik is an R&B and pop singer from England. 

2. What is the age of Zayn Malik?

Zayn Malik is 29 years old.

3. Does Zayn Malik have siblings?

Zayn Malik has siblings.

4. What are the names of  Zayn Malik?

Doniya, Waliyha, and Safaa are the siblings of Zayn Malik.

5. What is the networth of Zayn Malik?

Zayn Malik has a networth of $75 Million.

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