Is The Spotify Web Player Down? Spotify Web Player Not Working?

Is The Spotify Web Player Down - Spotify has surpassed iTunes as the most popular app for legal streaming music in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world. It is a fantastic seamless service when it works, but some of you may occasionally experience issues. Is The Spotify Web Player Down? Check what you can do in the article below. 

by Samina Yusuf Laila | Updated Nov 30, 2022

Is The Spotify Web Player Down? Spotify Web Player Not Working?
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Is The Spotify Web Player Down?

"N" versions of Windows 10 operate the same way as other Windows 10 releases, with the exception that they lack much of the media functionality and apps preloaded in standard Windows 10 releases. The media-playing functionality required for the Spotify web player to work in the Edge browser is also missing in the "N" versions of Windows 10. Fortunately, installing the Media Feature Pack, which should get the Spotify web player working in Microsoft's browser, is simple.

Spotify Web Player Not Working?

Spotify's web player is the best website on the planet. Why? Because it gives you direct access to a plethora of Spotify music without requiring you to leave your internet browser. Although it appears to be a great thing, many people have reported that the Spotify player needs to work correctly/at all in specific browsers.

One thing to remember is that the Spotify web player stopped working in Safari in 2017. Some users encountered a Spotify web Player black screen error when they arrived at the site. After a long hiatus, it resumed operation in 2020, and no problems have been reported. In the following section, we will look at how to fix the issue of the Spotify web player not working step by step.

How To Fix The Spotify Web Player Not Working?

  • Examine the Network Connection: This seems silly, but it always happens. Try another web page or a different browser to test your internet connection.

  • Restart Your Browser: Some users have reported that a simple restart got their Spotify web player working again.

  • Avoid Using Multiple Logins: Sign out of everything else and check to see if the problem persists.

  • Using Incognito Mode: This eliminates many complications. If your Spotify web app works in incognito mode, it's because of browser extensions. To find the culprit, try disabling them one at a time.

  • Check Network Access: Certain private networks restrict access to specific websites. Check with your system administrator to resolve this.

How To Fix The Spotify Web Player?

  • Browser Compatibility: While it may work in other browsers, you should first check the officially Spotify-supported browsers. If yours needs to be added to the list, try another.

  • Remove Cache and Cookies: Clearing cache and cookies differ depending on the browser and platform. Use this in accordance with your browser's settings (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and so on). If your browser's process needs to be listed here, look for it elsewhere. You can also use browser cleaner tools like Avast Cleanup for a quick and easy process that works for everyone.

  • Enable Protected Content: Chrome users should do this if they receive: The playback of protected content is disabled. Once again, this depends on your platform: desktop or Android. Desktop users can enable this option by typing chrome:/settings/content/protected content into their Chrome address bar: Sites can display restricted content.

  • Flushing the DNS cache: Every operating system stores some information about the web content it visits. It aids in serving that content quickly if the user returns to the website. However, it can occasionally cause problems with content delivery. If nothing else has worked, try flushing the DNS cache. It is entirely secure and will reset your internet connection settings.

  • Browser Reset: This solution will reset your browser settings while retaining your browsing history. Again, this is a browser-dependent process. To access the reset setting in Chrome, type chrome:/settings/reset into the URL bar. Then, in the boxed tab, select Restore settings to default. At the bottom, click the Reset settings button to see if your Spotify web player works again.

  • The Media Feature Pack: is only available for the Windows 10 N edition. Install the Microsoft Download Center media feature pack. This provides the operating system with the necessary multimedia capabilities.

  • Clear Browsing Data: This is your last option. Clear your browsing history or uninstall and reinstall your browser.

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Is The Spotify Web Player Down - FAQs

1. Why is Spotify not working on web player?

Various things can cause Spotify's web player not to work, most commonly a problem with your web browser.

2. Why is Spotify not working on Chrome?

Cookies and cached data can break web apps resulting in errors like the one you face where the Spotify web player is not working. We have talked before about how to clear cache and cookies on Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

3. Which browser is best for Spotify web player?

It's been announced that Spotify can no longer use the Safari web browser, and you'll need to install Firefox and Google Chrome to access the Web Player, or you can download Spotify on your desktop.

4. How do I fix Spotify not opening?

You can restart your device, launch the application with administrator rights, restart Spotify, run it in compatibility mode, or update the app to the latest version.

5. Is it better to download Spotify or use web player?

If you're keen to have fewer apps on your computer, get rid of the desktop client for Spotify and just use the web app.

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