Is Rowan Blanchard Gay, Rowan Blanchard Boyfriend, Rowan Blanchard Partner, Is Rowan Blanchard In A Relationship?

Is Rowan Blanchard Gay: Rowan Blanchard is a TV actress best known for being part of the show Girl Meets World. She has been open about her sexuality and people want to know Is Rowan Blanchard Gay. To know Is Rowan Blanchard Gay and more about her, just keep reading.   

by Atirya Shyamsundar | Updated Apr 30, 2022

Is Rowan Blanchard Gay, Rowan Blanchard Boyfriend, Rowan Blanchard Partner, Is Rowan Blanchard In A Relationship?
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Is Rowan Blanchard Gay?

Rowan Blanchard opened up about her sexuality back in 2016. In a series of tweets she expressed that while she had “only ever liked boys” in the past, she was “open to liking any gender” and therefore identifies as queer. She posted her tweets after she wrote a blog post titled “Sorry, Not Sorry”. In the article she explained that she “quit apologizing for existing.” She also shared three things that helped her trust herself enough. 

Rowan Blanchard Boyfriend

Rowan Blanchard is known for her role in Girl Meets World. One of her upcoming projects is “Crush”, a Sapphic rom-com about two high school girls who fall in love. People are wondering whether she is in a happy relationship in real life as well. She has been associated with Peyton Meyer, Uriah Shelton, and influencer Owen Lang. She has kept her private life quiet all these years. In 2018, people found out about her relationship with Franklin Ayzenberg because she tweeted about it. 


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Rowan Blanchard Partner

Rowan Blanchard’s Twitter page no longer exists. She announced her relationship after she was called out for being biphobic because she liked a series of biphobic tweets. Those tweets invalidated bisexual women in heterosexual relationships. After this, she tweeted, “Hey! I am queer as [sic] f***! My boyfriend is a trans man, and honestly, none of you guys know s--t about my private life. I liked some tweets specific to a tweet between a community of writers whose tweets I find typically funny and interesting and hilariously cynical."

Is Rowan Blanchard In A Relationship?

It is not clear if she is in a relationship right now. She keeps her relationship status private and she has deleted her Twitter account. After she posted her defense she continued saying, “I don't need any more comments from bisexual people calling me a [sic] dumb w---e, a fake b---h, fake woke, whatever the f--k. Come on, guys, I love you all. I am just trying to let all of us be queer in peace. Sorry you felt I was invalidating your sexuality! I promise you; I am not! OK, that's all I am going to say. All love!"

Rowan Blanchard

Rowan Blanchard is an American actress and political activist and she was on the list of Time’s most influential Teens in 2015. She became popular for playing Rebecca Wilson in Spy Kids: All the Time in the World (2011), and had her breakthrough portraying Riley Matthews on the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World (2014–2017). Both the roles earned her Young Artist Award nominations. She has also played Jackie Geary on the ABC sitcom The Goldbergs (2017–2018), and Alexandra Cavill in the TNT series Snowpiercer (2020–present). 

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Is Rowan Blanchard Gay - FAQs

1. Did Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina get along?

"We are best friends on and off screen. I'm very lucky to say that because obviously not many casts get to say they're best friends with their entire cast," Blanchard revealed, adding she went to Disneyland with Carpenter for her birthday that year.

2. Is Rowan Blanchard still acting?

Blanchard can currently be seen playing Alexandra, the prodigal daughter of Jennifer Connelly's Melanie, on TNT drama Snowpiercer. The actress has appeared, on the big screen, in Ava Duvernay's A Wrinkle In Time.

3. What is Rowan Blanchard gender?

On Twitter in January, Rowan told followers she identifies as queer. In Wonderland magazine, the young star opened up about her feminism, sexual orientation, and overall badass life.

4. Are Sabrina and Joshua still together?

The apparent couple has kept their love lives under wraps since they were first spotted together in June 2020, but that hasn't kept fans on social media from finding major hints about their romance.

5. Why was Girl Meets World Cancelled?

As for why, Deadline reported at the time that the spinoff series had “had difficulties connecting with younger kids, who did not find it relevant enough.” A report by Forbes noted that the show went from 5.16 million viewers in its first season to 1.5 in the third.

6. Are the cast of Girl Meets World still friends?

Watching Riley, Maya, Lucas, Farkle and their whole BFF squad take on the world together was nothing short of magical, and there's not a day that goes by that viewers don't miss it.

7. What is Rowan Blanchard doing now?

She has since had roles as Jackie Geary on the ABC sitcom The Goldbergs (2017–2018), and Alexandra Cavill in the TNT series Snowpiercer (2020–present).

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