Is Ronnie Turner Dead Or Alive? What Was Ronnie Turner Cause Of Death?

Is Ronnie Turner Dead Or Alive: Ronnie Turner, Tina Turner's son, was recently discovered dead at his Los Angeles home. Although the exact cause of Ronnie's medical troubles and demise is still unknown, it is known that he was battling cancer. Tina Turner and her family have lately experienced a devastating loss. To get to know more on Is Ronnie Turner Dead Or Alive do refer to the article givenbelow. 

by A Maria Minolini | Updated Dec 10, 2022

Is Ronnie Turner Dead Or Alive? What Was Ronnie Turner Cause Of Death?
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Is Ronnie Turner Dead Or Alive?

Actor Ronnie Turner, Tina Turner's son, just passed away at the age of 62. The famous movie What's Love Got to Do With It, a 1993 biographical film, featured Ronnie and became well-known for it. Afida, Ronnie's wife, announced the news on social media by sharing photos of her favorite times with her late husband. She wrote that everyone tried their hardest to save him, but it was unsuccessful.

What Was Ronnie Turner's Cause Of Death? 

A source said that Turner had trouble breathing until he could not live when police were called to Ronnie's house by an unnamed individual. Turner was found unconscious by neighbors who tried to perform CPR on him, but by the time paramedics came, he had already passed away. The cause of Ronnie's passing has not yet been disclosed. It is uncertain if his health issues, which he had been dealing with for a while, had anything to do with his passing.

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Ronnie Turner's Children And Wife 

Even though Tina Turner managed to become well-known for her profession as an actress and singer, speculation about her personal life has also surfaced. She and Ronnie has four children, the oldest of whom, Craig Raymond, was born in August 1958 and had a real estate background. Despite all that, she has remained a proud mother. Ronnie Turner, Tina's second son, was born in October 1960 and was active in the music and film industries for an extended period. In addition to Craig and Ronnie, Tina later adopted two more boys.


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What Is Ronnie Turner's Net Worth? 

Ronnie Turner's overall net worth is projected to reach $1 million as of 2022. Ronnie Turner was well-known for his work as an actor, but he was also a talented musician and real estate broker. He made a very nice living from real estate and other industries.

Ronnie Turner

In addition to being a well-known actor, Ronnie Turner was a talented musician and real estate dealer. After his parents' divorce, he played in both of their bands. Ronnie was a pro at playing a variety of musical instruments. After breaking into the entertainment business, he battled for a while before finally being cast in What's Love Got to Do With It. He had a few more film appearances before becoming a real estate broker.

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Is Ronnie Turner Dead Or Alive - FAQs

1. Who is Ronnie Turner?

Ronnie Turner was the son of popular actress-singer Tina Turner and her husband, Ike Turner.


2. How did Tina Turner’s eldest son die?    

Craig, Tina’s eldest son, committed suicide in 2018 by shooting himself.


3. How old was Ronnie when he passed away? 

At the age of 60 he passed away. 

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