Is Robert Kraft Married? Know Robert Krafts Wife, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Children, and More

Is Robert Kraft Married: Robert Kraft is an American-based billionaire and a businessman who was born on June 5th, most people wonder Is Robert Kraft Married or not. Well in this article, we will head over to the insights that clarify your doubts on Is Robert Kraft Married. With that being said, let's begin with the article, have a good read.

by Fredrick | Updated Nov 25, 2022

Is Robert Kraft Married? Know Robert Krafts Wife, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Children, and More
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Is Robert Kraft Married?

Robert Kraft was romantically linked twice; after all, a man requires a shoulder to cry on in times of adversity, right? You might wonder to whom Robert Kraft was romantically related in his life. He was initially married to Myra Kraft in 1963, and their bond lasted till 2011. Later he was married to Dana Blumberg, and it is believed that he is still in a romantic relationship with Dana Blumberg. We were able to fetch these insights after referring to people.


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Who Is Robert Kraft's Wife?

Kraft and Dana Blumberg initially met in 2017, and they got married on October 2022. Before their marriage, they were spotted on multiple public occasions and the. But before that, he was romantically linked with Myra Kraft. When it comes to Myra Kraft profession, she is an American philanthropist. The two have been spotted on their vacation a couple of times, though they tried their best to stay away from the limelight. We were able to refer to these insights after referring to the people.


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Robert Kraft Age

Age is definitely a factor that mentions one's youth and maturity, and you might wonder what is Robert Kraft's age as well. We might have witnessed a few younger versions of Robert Kraft, but age passes as time passes. You might wonder what Robert Kraft's age is, or you might have predicted the age of Robert Kraft. But let's see if your prediction goes well with Robert Kraft's age as of 2022. Well, Robert Kraft is currently 81 as of 2022. We will update more factful insights about Robert Kraft when we are informed. We covered the insights about Robert Kraft’s age after referring to celebritynetworth.

Robert Kraft Bio

Particulars Details
Name Robert Kraft
Profession Businessperson, Entrepreneur
Date of Birth 5 June 1941
Age 81 years old
Birth Place Brookline, Massachusetts, United States
Height 170 cm
Nationality American
Wife Name Dana Blumberg
Net Worth $12.1 Billion

Robert Kraft Net Worth

According to the research we seconded from a few notable websites, Robert Kraft is worth $10.6 million as of 2022. The impact that we delivered is based on 2022. The calculated amount also incorporates his salary in his movements calculated on his career and a few more talents. His net worth may increase or decline as time passes; once we gain insights on the decline or surplus in the estimated amounts, we'll indeed revise it here. We also believe Robert Kraft might have picked investment options to double his returns to add more worth to his Networth. We were able to analyze Robert’s networth after referring to celebritynetworth.

Robert Kraft Children

In February 1962, Robert met Myra Hiatt in Boston, and the duo was married back in June 1963. The duo has four sons who were Jonathan Kraft, Daniel A. Kraft, David Kraft, and Joshua Kraft. The Krafts members were the members of the Temple Emanual based in Massachusetts. Sadly Myra Kraft passed away from ovarian cancer, and the disease took her life when she was 68 years old. We fetched these insights after referring to celebritynetworth.


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Is Robert Kraft Married - FAQs

1. Who is Robert Kraft's Wife?

Robert Kraft's Wife's name is Dana Blumberg.

2. Who is Robert Kraft?

Robert Kraft is a Businessperson, Entrepreneur.

3. When was Robert Kraft born?

Robert Kraft was born on 5 June 1941.

4. How old is Robert Kraft?

He is 81 years old.

5. Who are Robert Kraft's Parents?

Robert Kraft's Parents are Harry Kraft and Sarah Kraft.

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