Is Lily Slater Pregnant In Eastenders? Who Got Lily Pregnant Eastenders?

Is Lily Slater Pregnant In Eastenders: Eastenders is a British soap opera created by Julia Smith and Tony Hollandsoap on BBC one. The storyline of the show is having a dramatic twist as it is speculated that Lily Slater is Pregnant. Fans are wondering Is Lily Slater Pregnant In Eastenders? This article will inform us about Lily Slater's pregnancy, Is Lily Slater Pregnant In Eastenders, and who the baby’s father is.  

by T Santhosh Kumar | Updated Jan 05, 2023

Is Lily Slater Pregnant In Eastenders? Who Got Lily Pregnant Eastenders?
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EastEnders is a British soap opera on BBC One since 1985. Julia Smith and Tony Holland created it. The story is plotted in Walford, a fictional village in East London. This story highlights the lives of families who are in Walford. Various directors and writers contributed to its making. Many cast members came and left this series. As of now, this series has 6619 episodes. EastEnders has become one of the icons in British Television. Its storylines are portrayed and criticized by the people. It has received negative feedback for its themes, such as violence, rape, murder, and abuse.

Is Lily Slater Pregnant In Eastenders?

Lily Slater is the 12-year-old girl in Eastenders. She is the daughter of Stacey Slater. At the start of the new year 2022, EastEnders shocked the fans by describing a 12-year-old girl pregnant. The doctor informs Stacey Slater that her little girl Lily is expecting a child. Stacey was shocked not only she but all the viewers were shocked for hearing this news. Stacey wants to know the father of Lily’s baby, and everyone is afraid that the little girl was abused by someone.

Who Got Lily Pregnant Eastenders?

Stacey asked Lily about her pregnancy and wanted Lily to reveal the name of the baby’s dad. Lily didn’t open her mouth at first then Stacey called her mom Jean to talk with Lily. Lily later revealed to her grandmother that a 12-year-old boy Ricky Junior is the son of sam Mitchell and Jack Branning. She said he was not her boyfriend, but they had done it only once. We need to wait for what Stacey and Jean are going to do with this little girl’s issue in the rest of the episodes.

Lily Pregnancy Reviews

In EastEnders, a 12-year-old girl was pregnant which shocked many viewers. This is not the first time they are doing this ugly scene already 13-year-old Demi Miller gave birth to a child and 15-year-old Sonia Fowler went into labor. Bethay is a 13-year-old girl who gave birth in Coronation Street. All these child pregnancies are controversial, and many people commented that they are going too deep. We are in 2023 where technology takes the main part, but these serials are going backward.

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Is Lily Slater Pregnant In Eastenders - FAQs

1. Where can I see EastEnders?  

EastEnders is a British soap opera on BBC One.


2. When was EastEnders started?  

EastEnders started to telecast in 1985.


3. Who is Lily Slater?  

Lily Slater is a 12-year-old girl in Coronation Street


4. Who is Lily Slater's mother?  

Stacey is the mother of Lily Slater.


5. Who is Stacey’s mother?  

Jean is the mother of Stacey.


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