Is Kiku Dead In One Piece? Did Kiku Die In One Piece?

Is Kiku Dead In One Piece:  Kiku is a popular character from the Japanese series which was written by Eiichiro Oda and published by the Shueisha and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. As this is the popular character all have to know Is Kiku Dead In One Piece. To know more about Is Kiku Dead In One Piece,read the content given below. 

by Ushapriyanga Sureshkumar | Updated Oct 03, 2022

Is Kiku Dead In One Piece? Did Kiku Die In One Piece?
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Is Kiku Dead In One Piece?

As per fictionhorizon, the character Kiku has not died in the One Piece series. In this series,  Kiku had just got an injury, faced execution, and sustained severe injuries. Kiku is also known as Kikunojo, a samurai from Wano country. She is also the vassal of the Kozuki family and is now serving as the Nine Red Scabbards of Kozuki Oden. 


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Kiku Wiki

As per onepiecefandom, the character Kiku's original and full name is Kikunojo, also where she is called as samurai from the Wano Country, and she is the retainer of the Kozuki family. Additionally, she is referred to as the Kikunojo of the Lightning Snow and serves as the Kozuki Oden's Nine Red Scabbards, and she is the younger sister of Izou. 

Did Kiku Die In One Piece?

Per fictionhorizon, no, she has not died and was just affected by some injuries. Per sportskeeda, episode 1035 was recently released, and this episode shows the right time for the fans to return from the Land Of Wano, where Luffy is defeated. Kido is already ready to kill the remaining opponents. Her appearance is lovely to look at, and she is considered the most beautiful woman swordsman in the Wano country. 

Kiku Overview

Specifications  Details 
Name  Kiku 
Full name  Kikunojo 
Affiliations  Kozuki Family, Nine red scabbards 
Origin  Grand line 
Status  Alive  
Age 22
Date of birth   9th September 
Blood type  XF
Japanese type  Mariya Ise 

One Piece Overview

One Piece is a popular Japanese series by Eiichiro Oda and published by Shueisha. This series comes under the Adventure and Fantasy genres. First, it came to Shueisha's shonen manga magazine in the year 1997, July and it has separate chapters compiled with 103 volumes as of now this 2022 August. Officially this series was started on 22nd July 1997 and is still running with 103 books.  


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Is Kiku Dead In One Piece - FAQs

1. Is Kiku Dead In One Piece? 

no she is not died 

2. Did Kiku Die In One Piece?

she is still alive 

3. What is kiku's real name ? 

Kikunojo is kiku's real name

4. When was she born? 

she was born on 9th September

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