Is Kathy Griffin sick? Who Is Kathy Griffin? What Happened To Kathy Griffin Health?

Is Kathy Griffin sick: Kathy Griffin, a two-time Emmy and Grammy winner, is a towering figure on television, on tour, and in publishing. Her universally recognised brand of no-holds-barred comedy cuts through the entertainment clutter. The Star has recently revealed a few details about her, and her fans want to know: Is Kathy Griffin sick? What Happened To Kathy Griffin health? For more information on the Star, read the article below!

by Samina Yusuf Laila | Updated Sep 21, 2022

Is Kathy Griffin sick? Who Is Kathy Griffin? What Happened To Kathy Griffin Health?
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Who Is Kathy Griffin?

Kathleen Mary Griffin is a comedian and actress from the United States who has appeared in television comedy specials and released comedy albums. Kathy was made a part of the Guinness Book of World Records in 2013 for writing and starring in a record-breaking 23 televised stand-up specials – more than any other comedian in history. Kathy has condemned herself as one of the most influential figures in comedy with her unfiltered, unafraid. An utterly hilarious take on Hollywood - she is a must-see for any stand-up fan, from penning New York Times best-selling books to fill the world's biggest concert halls on her comedy tours, including three performances at Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, The Kodak Theatre, the famed Sydney Opera House, and the London Palladium.

Is Kathy Griffin Sick?

Griffin announced in August 2021 that she had been diagnosed with lung cancer despite not smoking and that she needed half of her left lung removed. She had surgery the following month. In December 2021  Kathy Griffin declared herself cancer-free following surgery to remove half of her lung. Griffin announced the good news on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

Following the surgery that has left her with a high-pitched voice, which Griffin described as “Minnie Mouse meets Marilyn Monroe,” she told Kimmel “I had surgery. You’re not going to believe this… I’ve never smoked but I got lung cancer. In August, I had half of my left lung removed I’m not even kidding.”

She added, “I don’t know why, I had a tumor, right? And I’ve never smoked, and it was in there for 10 years.”

What Happened To Kathy Griffin Health?

Griffin is concerned that the treatment has changed her voice to a higher pitch than usual, and that what she was told would be a temporary issue may now be permanent.

On an Instagram post she wrote, “OK so I have to go to see the ear nose and throat doctor and get scoped again where they put a big goddamn tube down my throat and I gag and they look at my vocal cords."

Explaining that her vocal cords were damaged due to the surgery she underwent, Griffin went on: "I'm sick to death of not having my voice and terrified it will never get better because they said it would be better by now and it isn't."

"Thank you for letting me get my frustrations out!" TV personality Griffin concluded the post, which she captioned with the hashtag "#f***cancer."

Kathy Griffin Movies And Tv Shows

The American stand-up Star has done 21 stand-up shows; most of her performances were sold on the first day tickets were made available. 

HBO Comedy Half-Hour 1996
Hot Cup of Talk 1998
The D-List  2004
Allegedly 2004
Is...Not Nicole Kidman  2005
Strong Black Woman  2006
Everybody Can Suck It 2007
Straight to Hell 2007
She'll Cut a Bitch 2009
Balls of Steel 2009
Does the Bible Belt 2010
Whores on Crutches 2010
50 and Not Pregnant  2011
Gurrl Down! 2011
Pants Off 2011
Tired Hooker  2011
Seaman 1st Class 2012
Kennedie Center On-Hers 2013
Calm Down Gurrl  2013
Record Breaker 2013
A Hell of a Story 2019

Who Is Kathy Griffin Married?

Griffin married Matt Moline, a computer administrator, in 2001 after being introduced by Moline's sister, television producer Rebecca Moline. In May 2006, they divorced. Griffin accused Moline of stealing $72,000 from her on Larry King Live; Moline did not respond publicly to the allegation but expressed sadness. Griffin dated several men after her divorce before finding the one. From 2012 to November 2018, she was in a relationship with marketing executive Randy Bick. They reached an agreement in April 2019. From 2004 to 2016, she lived in the Hollywood Hills. She has lived in Bel Air ever since. Griffin married Bick on January 1, 2020, at her home, in a ceremony officiated by comedian Lily Tomlin.


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Is Kathy Griffin sick - FAQs

1. How much is Kathy Griffin worth?

Kathy Griffin attends the premiere of 'A Hell of a Story' during the 2019 SXSW Conference and Festival at the Zach Theatre on March 11, 2019 in Austin, Texas. Comedian Kathy Griffin is worth a lot of money: around $35 million, she tells The Cut in a recent interview.

2. What is Kathy Griffin known for?

Kathy Griffin, in full Kathleen Mary Griffin, American comedian and actress known for her lacerating observations about celebrity culture. Griffin was the youngest of five children born to a stereo store manager and a hospital administrator.

3. What health issue does Kathy Griffin have?

Griffin revealed she had lung cancer back in August 2021, as SELF previously reported. “The doctors are very optimistic as it is stage I and contained to my left lung,” Griffin, 61, wrote on Twitter at the time. “Hopefully no chemo or radiation after this and I should have normal function with my breathing.

4. Was Kathy Griffin in Eminem music video?

Yes, 18 years ago she appeared in Eminem's video for the “The Real Slim Shady.”

5. How many times was Kathy Griffin on Seinfeld?

Kathleen Mary “Kathy” Griffin is an American actress, comedienne and model who played Sally Weaver on Seinfeld. She appeared in two episodes: "The Doll" and "The Cartoon".

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