Is Harshit Rana Related to Nitish Rana? Are They Brothers?

Is Harshit Rana related to Nitish Rana? Many people have the question whether they are brothers, check here to know if the Indian cricketers Harshit Rana and Nitish Rana are related.

by Aishwarya R R | Updated May 16, 2023

Is Harshit Rana Related to Nitish Rana? Are They Brothers?

Who is Harshit Rana?

In the realm of cricket, a shining star emerges, heralding a new era of talent and skill. Harshit Rana, a name that resonates with the echoes of determination and promise, is carving his path towards greatness on the cricketing stage. Born on the enchanting day of December 22, 2001, in the vibrant city of New Delhi, India, Harshit Rana embodies the spirit of a rising medium-fast bowler. With a repertoire of skills that transcend boundaries, he is a force to be reckoned with, leaving opponents in awe and spectators on the edge of their seats.

Since his inaugural foray into domestic cricket in 2022, Harshit Rana has captivated audiences with his extraordinary prowess. Hailing from the illustrious Delhi team, he carries the weight of expectations on his shoulders, poised to etch his name in the annals of cricketing history. A true competitor at heart, he relentlessly hones his craft, refining his techniques to unleash a barrage of fast-medium deliveries that leave batsmen trembling. But Harshit Rana is not merely confined to the art of bowling; he is a multifaceted talent who occasionally dons the mantle of a batter.

With a right-handed batting style, he wields his willow like a maestro, adding an extra dimension to his already formidable repertoire. In the grand spectacle of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Harshit Rana finds himself in the esteemed ranks of the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). It is within this revered franchise that he showcases his mettle, donning the jersey with pride and determination. As the stadium roars in unison, he strides onto the field, ready to unleash his bowling prowess and contribute to the collective triumph of his team.

Harshit Rana's cricketing journey commenced with monumental debuts, each serving as a milestone on his path to glory. In the realm of First-Class cricket, he made his mark on December 20, 2022, as he took to the field for the match between Delhi and Assam in Guwahati. The stage was set, and he embraced the challenge with unwavering courage, setting the tone for an awe-inspiring career that lay ahead. His foray into List A cricket arrived on November 13, 2022, as he graced the match between Meghalaya and Delhi in Kolkata. With every delivery, he etches his name deeper into the hearts of cricket enthusiasts, leaving an indelible mark that resonates throughout the cricketing fraternity.

The realm of T20 cricket beckoned, and Harshit Rana heeded the call on April 28, 2022. In the clash between the Kolkata Knight Riders and the Capitals at the iconic Wankhede Stadium, he unleashed his arsenal of skills, leaving batsmen bewildered and spectators awestruck. With every stride and every delivery, he embodies the epitome of passion, his commitment shining through like a beacon of hope. Beyond the boundaries of the cricket field, Harshit Rana's journey is fueled by an unwavering love for the game and an unyielding drive for excellence.

At the tender age of 21, he stands as a testament to the power of dedication and perseverance, poised to conquer new frontiers and scale new heights. Harshit Rana, a name destined to be etched in the echelons of cricketing glory. With every ball he bowls, every boundary he scores, and every moment he graces the field, he encapsulates the very essence of passion, reminding us all of the limitless possibilities that lie within the realm of cricket.

No, Harshit Rana is not directly related to Nitish Rana. Despite sharing the same surname and professional background, they are not brothers. The common misconception about their relation stems from their similar names and involvement in the world of cricket. However, Harshit Rana has his own family lineage, and Nitish Rana's family background remains undisclosed. Therefore, there is no familial connection between the two cricketers. In the realm of cricket, the intertwining paths of Nitish Rana and Harshit Rana have given rise to a common misconception.

Many individuals mistakenly believe that these two talented athletes are brothers due to their shared surname and professional backgrounds. However, let it be known that this assumption is far from the truth. Harshit Rana has his own unique family lineage. In fact, he proudly claims an elder brother named Ashish Rana as his kin. Although Harshit Rana is a gifted cricketer in his own right, he is not directly related to Nitish Rana. Turning our attention to the enigmatic Nitish Rana, the details surrounding his family's ethnicity and background remain shrouded in mystery.

The celebrated athlete has chosen to divulge limited information on these matters, maintaining an air of privacy. Nevertheless, we do know that Nitish Rana was warmly welcomed into this world on December 27, 1996, in the vibrant city of Delhi, India. His parents, whom he holds dear to his heart, have always been a pillar of unwavering love and support. In this nurturing household, Nitish's father, Dara Singh Rana, serves as a respected Mathematics professor in a college, imparting knowledge to countless young minds.

However, the professional background of his mother, Satish Rana, remains veiled in secrecy, leaving curious minds to ponder. When it comes to matters of the heart, Nitish Rana's love life blossoms with happiness and contentment. He shares a blissful marital bond with his beloved wife, Saachi Marwah. After spending numerous cherished years together, the couple embarked on a journey of eternal commitment, exchanging their sacred wedding vows on February 18, 2019.

It is worth noting that Nitish's partner, Saachi, holds a familial connection to the realm of entertainment. She is the cousin-sister of Krushna Abhishek, a renowned Indian comedian, further adding a touch of sparkle to their shared lives. In essence, Nitish Rana hails from a household steeped in support and encouragement, providing him with the impetus to strive for greatness. The love and inspiration he receives from his family fuel his pursuit of excellence, propelling him forward on the grand stage of cricket.

Who in Nitish Rana?

In the heartland of Delhi, India, Nitish Rana emerged as a cricketing marvel. This extraordinary talent possesses the coveted title of a right-arm off-break bowler and a left-handed batting dynamo, a force to be reckoned with on the field. The year 2015 witnessed the dawn of Nitish Rana's domestic career, as he donned the revered Delhi jersey for the prestigious 2015-16 Vijay Hazare Trophy. In an astonishing display of skill and determination, he swiftly solidified his position as a reliable middle-order batsman for Delhi, carrying the hopes and dreams of his team on his shoulders.

His unwavering dedication propelled the squad to the pinnacle of the 2017-18 Ranji Trophy, where they valiantly fought their way to the final. In the hallowed grounds of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Nitish Rana showcased his indomitable spirit in 2016 when he made his debut for the illustrious Mumbai Indians. In a mesmerizing display of sheer brilliance, he played an instrumental role in the team's triumphant campaign, leading them to a title victory that resonated with fans far and wide.

The fervent flames of destiny led him to the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in the 2018 IPL auction, where he found his true calling. A leader amongst men, Nitish Rana donned the captain's armband and cemented his place as an indispensable member of the team, his dedication evident with every swing of his willow. Nitish Rana's name became synonymous with explosive power and the art of scoring quick runs in the middle overs. With a flair for the audacious and an unwavering hunger for success, he possesses an uncanny ability to set the cricketing world ablaze. He ignites the field with his unwavering passion and his bat becomes an extension of his very soul.

On that fateful day of July 23, 2021, Nitish Rana donned the distinguished Indian colors as he made his maiden appearance in the One Day Internationals (ODIs) against Sri Lanka. The stage was set, and he embraced the challenge with open arms, leaving a mark that resonated through the annals of cricketing history. Though the innings may have been brief, his contribution was immeasurable, leaving a lasting impression etched upon the hearts of cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

Nitish Rana, a name that stirs the emotions of cricket fanatics, a symbol of perseverance and unwavering determination. With every stride on the field, he ignites a fire in the hearts of his compatriots, rallying them towards glory. The world watches in awe as this cricketing prodigy continues to carve his name in the golden annals of the sport, leaving an indelible legacy for generations to come.

Harshit Rana Family

Harshit Rana is a rising star who shines with unparalleled brilliance. Harshit Rana, a name that resonates with passion and determination, has carved his path in the glorious world of Indian cricket. Born on a momentous day in the enchanting city of Ghevra, Delhi, Harshit Rana personifies the indomitable spirit of a true athlete. With a right-arm medium-pace bowling style that exudes elegance and precision, he leaves a lasting impression on the cricketing landscape.

At the tender age of 20, Harshit Rana stands as a beacon of inspiration, a testament to the power of dedication and perseverance. He embodies the essence of youthful determination, relentlessly honing his skills and pushing the boundaries of his potential. Steeped in the rich traditions of Hinduism, Harshit Rana finds solace and strength in his faith, guiding him along his remarkable journey. As he takes to the cricket field, his unwavering spirit illuminates the stage, captivating audiences with his unwavering focus and unwavering commitment.

Education served as the bedrock of Harshit Rana's quest for excellence. With his formative years spent at Harsh Convent School, he imbibed the values of discipline and resilience that would shape his cricketing career. A testament to his thirst for knowledge and growth, he pursued higher education at Delhi University, culminating in the completion of his BCom degree. In the realm of relationships, Harshit Rana's focus remains firmly on his cricketing endeavors. At this juncture in his life, he stands unwed, pouring every ounce of his energy into perfecting his craft and etching his name in the cricketing pantheon.

As he strides onto the field, Harshit Rana embodies the hopes and dreams of aspiring cricketers around the nation. With each delivery, he becomes a symbol of inspiration, a reminder that age is but a number when passion and dedication light the way.In the vast tapestry of Indian cricket, Harshit Rana shines bright, a luminary destined for greatness. With every wicket taken and every boundary saved, he leaves an indelible mark, a testament to the power of dreams and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Nitish Rana Family

In the vibrant city of Delhi, on the monumental day of December 27, 1993, a star was born. Nitish Rana, a name that resonates with passion and determination, embarked on a journey that would leave an indelible mark on the realm of cricket. From the hallowed halls of Dav Centenary Public School to the corridors of Vidya Jain School, Nitish Rana's educational voyage laid the foundation for his illustrious career. As he traversed the corridors of knowledge, his love for the game of cricket ignited a flame within his soul that would burn brighter with each passing day.

Inspiration struck like lightning when he crossed paths with the legendary Ricky Ponting. This Indian coach and Australian cricketer became Nitish Rana's guiding light, instilling in him an aggressive batting style that would set him apart from the rest. With unwavering determination, he vowed to leave a lasting impact on the cricketing world, just as his idol had done before him. As Nitish Rana's cricketing journey unfolded, he discovered that success knows no bounds. With each match, he pushed the boundaries of possibility, unleashing his skills upon the world. His unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence earned him accolades and recognition, including the esteemed Lala Amarnath Award for being the best all-rounder in domestic cricket.

Behind the scenes, a strong and supportive family stood as the bedrock of Nitish Rana's unwavering spirit. With his beloved father, Dara Singh Rana, and his cherished mother, Satish Rana, by his side, he drew strength and inspiration. In the loving embrace of his sister, Vishakha Rana, and his brother, Ashish Rana, he found a sense of belonging, fostering an environment where dreams could flourish. Nitish Rana, a devotee of Hinduism and belonging to the proud Rajput caste, remains deeply connected to his roots. His beloved home town of Delhi, India, serves as a constant reminder of the values and traditions that shaped him into the extraordinary individual he is today.

While his collegiate pursuits and qualifications may remain undisclosed, Nitish Rana's journey speaks volumes about his unwavering commitment to his craft. His undying love for the game of cricket, coupled with an insatiable thirst for improvement, fuels his relentless pursuit of excellence. With every step he takes on the cricketing field, Nitish Rana becomes a symbol of inspiration, proving that dreams can manifest into reality with unwavering dedication and a burning passion. His name shall forever echo in the hearts of aspiring cricketers, a testament to the power of resilience and the boundless possibilities that lie within the realm of the sport.

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Is Harshit Rana related to Nitish Rana: FAQs

1. What is Nitish Rana's date of birth? 

Nitish Rana was born on December 27, 1993.

2. Which team did Nitish Rana debut for in the Indian Premier League (IPL)?

Nitish Rana made his IPL debut for the Mumbai Indians in 2016.

3. What is Nitish Rana's playing style? 

Nitish Rana is a left-handed batsman and a right-arm off-break bowler.

4.  Has Nitish Rana played international cricket for India?

Yes, Nitish Rana made his One Day International (ODI) debut for India on July 23, 2021, against Sri Lanka.


5. What awards has Nitish Rana received for his performances in domestic cricket?

Nitish Rana has been honored with the prestigious Lala Amarnath Award for being the best all-rounder in domestic cricket.

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