Is Don West Dead? What Happened To Don West?

Is Don West Dead?: Don West was an American Television personality and wrestling Commentator. He died on 30 December 2022, and many of his fans ask, Is Don West Dead? What happened to Don West? This article will inform us about Don West's biography, age, Is Don West Dead? What Happened To Don West? And Don West Cause Of Death.  

by T Santhosh Kumar | Updated Jan 02, 2023

Is Don West Dead? What Happened To Don West?
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Who Is Don West?

Don West was an American pitchman, television personality, and impact wrestling commentator. He started his career at Shop at Home Network in the 1990s, and he was famous for his high sales pitches. He left the home network and joined a talk shown on WNSR. He entered wrestling in 2002 and started as a color commentator. He started his journey as a pitchman in 2010 for, and in 2012 he left impact wrestling. He returned to impact wrestling in 2017 and continued that job until his death. 

Is Don West Dead?

Don West is a famous personality on American Television, and his energetic commentating attracted many people. This legend died on 30 December 2022 due to cancer at 59. Many ate started sending condolences to the west family, and many are posting RIP for Don West's death on Social media. Don west’s broadcast partner Mike Denay tweeted that Don is going spend the New Year in heaven and lymphoma tapped him away from the match. He tweeted that he and don were best pals. Don West's death affected many people with who he was connected.

What Happened To Don West?

Don West was an energetic and enthusiastic person. His death made many people sad because people watched him on Televsion for over three decades. Don West was diagnosed with brain lymphoma in 2021. Brain lymphoma is a rare cancer cell that will affect the white blood cells in the brain severely. He underwent chemotherapy and radiation, but he wasn’t saved and made his new journey to heaven from disappearing Television. He is an important person in Impact wrestling, and his team will miss him for the rest of the years.

Don West Biography

Don West is an American Televsion personality. The below tabular column will show the biography of Don West:-

Specifiactions Details
Name Don West
Gender Male
Profession Pitchman, television personality, and impact wrestling commentator.
Nationality American
Birthday 20 June 1963
Born place Chicago, Illinois, U.S
Death day 30 December 2022
Age at death 59
Marital Status Married
Children 2

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Don West Age

Don West was born in Illinois, Chicago in 1963. He graduated from Purdue University and had a degree in sports broadcasting. He was the best in his career for sports broadcasting and was well-known for his marketing skills. He married Terri and had a good life with her. This couple has two children named Heather and Kyle. Don West appeared in a few episodes of Saturday night live with Chris Kattan and Will Ferrel. This man had an influence over sports broadcasting and marketing networks. Don West died at 59 and cancer concluded his journey from the world.

Reference Source: mosportshalloffame

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Is Don West Dead - FAQs

1. Who is Don West?

Don West was an American pitchman, television personality, and impact wrestling commentator.


2. Is Don West Dead?

Don West died at 59 on 30 december 2022.


3. Who is Don West's wife?

Don West's wife's name is Terri West.


4. Is Don West has children?  

Don West has two children.


5. What is Don West's cause of Death?  

Don West was due to Brain lymphoma.

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