Is Diablo 3 Cross Platform - Can We Crossplay Diablo 3 on PC and Ps4? 

by Naveena | Updated December 07, 2020

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Is Diablo 3 Cross Platform - The gaming world can be tricky at times, every gaming experience differs from the platform in which they play and Every time a gamer upgrades his gaming platform it is expected, along with his gaming platform his game should be able to cross platform. However, it is not possible for all the games and platforms as well. In this article we attempt to look at the game ‘diablo 3’ is diablo 3 cross platforms, is diablo 3 cross platform switch ps4 and give the details with regards to the question, ‘is diablo cross Platform’.

Diablo 3 Cross platform.

Diablo is a game filled with action, fantasy role playing hack and slash, this video game was developed by blizzard North and released by blizzard entertainment in january 1997. The fictional story of diablo is based on the war between heaven and hell.  The task of the players is to save the town of Tristram from the  attack of demons, travel through different levels and reach the lair of Diablo to kill him. The players can play diablo 3 through different platforms such as Pc, Ps3 and Ps4.   

Can we crossplay Diablo 3 on pc and ps4? 

As Diablo III is made its way to the ps3/ps4, the experience of playing on PC seems to be different form playing with ps4, There is a genuine exopectaion for cross platfom of the game for better exeprience from pc to ps3/ps4. However, the representatives of the game stated clearly that, ‘ There will be no possibilities of cross platforms between pc version of diablo III and ps3/ps4 version. 

Controller issues on crossplay of Diablo 3 Pc and Ps3/Ps4  

The characters in pc version of Diablo 3 cannot cross platform to ps4, the include of controller and mouse/keyboard support to cross-platform is a also another factor that hinders the cross-platform of the game diablo III, since the game diablo has been designed with a controller in mind the ps4 version of the game will not support with the controller of pc version (Mouse/Keyboard).

Is Diablo 3 Cross Platform - FAQ

1. Will Diablo 4 release in 2020 ?   

IT seems there is no possibility of launching diablo 4 in 2020, the blizzcon was canceled in 2020 and its expected to be conducted in 2021 mid february, so there is no possibility of seeing diablo 4 being released in 2020. 


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