Is Clyde Leaving Days Of Our Lives? What Happened To Clyde In Days Of Our Lives?

Is Clyde Leaving Days Of Our Lives: Days of Our Lives, often known as Days or DOOL, is an American television soap opera that airs on Peacock and it is also stylized as Days of Our Lives. In this article, we will explain Is Clyde Leaving Days Of Our Lives. Therefore, kindly follow this article till the end to find out Is Clyde Leaving the Days Of Our Lives.  

by C Hariharan | Updated Sep 27, 2022

Is Clyde Leaving Days Of Our Lives? What Happened To Clyde In Days Of Our Lives?
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Who Is Clyde In Days Of Our Lives?

On Days Of Our Lives, Clyde frequently makes an appearance, but nothing positive ever appears to result from it. James Read has continued to portray the problematic character ever since the character made his initial appearance in June 2014 on the soap opera. Because this individual keeps showing up like the proverbial bad coin!

DAYS first met Clyde Weston when Kate Roberts was looking into Jordan Ridgeway's history. The trail eventually led her to their father, Clyde, when she made a connection with Ben Weston.

He said they fled and were anxious to get back together, but when Jordan and Ben saw Clyde, they were angry and reminded him of how his drinking led to his mistreatment of them and their mother. When EJ DiMera's bodyguard Miguel shot and killed his boss while working for his drug ring in Salem, Clyde helped cover up the crime.

Is Clyde Leaving Days Of Our Lives?

Currently, there is no information about Clyde leaving the show. Despite the news of his departure from the show, Clyde has been speculated as the killer in the show. Jordan was advised by Clyde not to get in the way of his efforts to make amends with Ben, or he would accuse her of being at fault for the crash that killed their mother. As a cover for the drug dealing, Clyde started dating Kate and relocated his trucking company to Salem, which led to a confrontation with Victor Kiriakis. Following Sonny Kiriakis' stabbing in retaliation for Clyde being shot by Victor's goon, the two men eventually came to a tenuous truce.

What Happened To Clyde In Days Of Our Lives?

When Ciara was abducted, Clyde tried to act morally by learning where she was, but in order to do so, he had to stab Orpheus in order to steal his phone, which is essentially one step forward and two steps back. Then, when EJ found himself in jail, he was annoyed to learn Clyde was sharing a cell with him. Things changed when EJ realized that Clyde had given him a shot, but after the bad guy was given parole, he ended up at Ben and Ciara's door searching for a place to live.

Days Of Our Lives Show

Days of Our Lives, often known as DOOL is actually Peacock television soap opera that is produced in the United States. NBC broadcast it from 1965 till 2022. Since 8th November 1965, it has been shown almost every weekday, making it one of the longest-running scripted television shows ever. Ted Corday and Betty Corday, a husband and wife duo, created the series, which was a joint venture between Corday Productions and Sony Pictures Television.

Days of Our Lives early years saw Irna Phillips who is the creator of former NBC stablemate known as  Another World as well as its former CBS rivals, As the World, Turns and Guiding Light) serve as the show's story editor, and William J. Bell, who would leave the series in the year 1975 to concentrate solely on The Young and the Restless, which he created for CBS in 1973, wrote many of the show's early storylines. Days of Our Lives became NBC's lone soap opera until Passions was cancelled in 2007. After 57 years on the network, NBCUniversal announced on August 3, 2022, that it would move the series exclusively to its Peacock streaming service starting on September 12. This would leave NBC as the sole Big Three network without a daytime serial.

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Is Clyde Leaving Days Of Our Lives - FAQs

1. Is Days of Our Lives no longer on NBC?  

The show isn't being canceled, but it is being moved off the air and onto NBC's streaming platform, Peacock.

2. Is Days of Our Lives still on?  

Days of Our Lives (also stylized as Days of our Lives; simply referred to as Days or DOOL) is an American television soap opera that airs on Peacock. It aired on NBC from 1965 to 2022.

3. How much is Peacock streaming?  

To access all of the content Peacock has to offer, you can sign up for a Peacock Premium subscription at $4.99 a month (+tax) or $49.99 per year (+tax).

4. What is the last episode of Days of our Lives?  

Episode 7 is the last episode of Days of our Lives.

5. Is Days of Our Lives on Amazon Prime?

As of August 2022, seasons 15, 16, 17, and 18 of Days of Our Lives are available to stream on Prime Video in select territories.

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