Is Cj So Cool Still Alive? What Happened To Cj So Cool?

Is Cj So Cool Still Alive: American YouTuber CJ So Cool is well known for his rapid and entertaining reaction videos as well as his prank films. On his own YouTube channel, he has more than 8.47 million subscribers. He is a YouTuber who comments without holding back. To know more on Is Cj So Cool Still Alive refer to the article given below. 

by A Maria Minolini | Updated Jan 13, 2023

Is Cj So Cool Still Alive? What Happened To Cj So Cool?
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Who Is Cj So Cool?

Known online as CJ SO COOL, Cordero James Brady (born March 29, 1989) is an American YouTuber who periodically uploaded films with his brother, Jinx, and girlfriend, Royalty, including reactions to viral videos, try not to laugh videos, prank videos, and other videos. CJ indicated in his reaction video that he would now concentrate on sketch and vlog videos after alleging that his channel had been hacked in February. In addition, he hinted about producing more reaction videos.

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Is CJ So Cool Still Alive?

YouTuber CJ So Cool has disclosed that a house invasion left him with four gunshot wounds. The performer revealed in an Instagram story that the attack occurred at 3 am. He wrote in the message, "Please keep my kids in your prayers and me thus far; I'm doing OK. The celebrity also shared a disturbing image of himself lying in a hospital bed with a bleeding leg. CJ has an impressive 8.86 million YouTube subscribers and over 5 million Instagram followers.

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What Happened To CJ So Cool?

On Thursday, the internet celebrity posted on Instagram that a house invasion had hospitalized him. YouTube sensation Cordero James Brady, also known as CJ So Cool to his followers, claims he was shot four times on Thursday during a home invasion. Brady was taken to the hospital after the claimed incident, allegedly on Thursday at 3 am, according to Brady's Instagram Story. Along with a statement requesting prayers for him and his children, he added, "So far, I'm doing OK." He then posted a picture of his bleeding leg taken from what looked like a bed in a hospital.

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Where Is Cj So Cool Now?

Codero James Brady was born in Gary, Indiana, on March 29, 1989. Royalty Johnson, his wife, is Charlene Johnson. They have two biological children and four from prior relationships; they reside in Las Vegas. Brady performs music and creates YouTube videos. He is a well-known YouTube personality who makes "try not to laugh" videos, prank films, and other videos with his brother Jinx or Royalty.

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Is Cj So Cool Hospitalised?

On Thursday, the online star said on Instagram that he had been taken to the hospital after a home invasion. The famous YouTuber Cordero James Brady, popularly known to his fans as C.J. So Cool, claims he was the victim of a home invasion on Thursday and was shot four times. According to Brady's Instagram Story, Brady was rushed to the hospital following the alleged incident, which is said to have occurred on Thursday around 3 a.m. He said, "So far, I'm doing OK," and asked for prayers for him and his children. Then he uploaded a photo of his bloodied leg that appeared to have been taken from a hospital bed.

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What Is Cj So Cool Real Name?

C.J. So Cool, also known as Codero James Brady, was born in Gary, Indiana, on March 29, 1989. He is wed to Instagram sensation Charlene Johnson, also known as Royalty Johnson. The couple shares a home in Las Vegas with their two children, Cordayah and Cordero Jr. Brady is the stepfather of Royalty's three children from her prior relationships and has a daughter from a previous relationship. From the beginning, Brady's YouTube broadcasts have included Royalty. He had previously worked as a poker, blackjack, and casino craps dealer before truly dove into the YouTube world.

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What Is Cj So Cool Age?

Cj So Cool, 33, is known for his challenges and pranks, which frequently involve his kids and reaction films. His catchphrase, "What's happening Wolfpack and Cool Kids?" refers to his audience as the Wolfpack and Cool Kids. On December 24, 2014, he started his own YouTube channel. He has previously held positions as a craps, blackjack, and poker dealer in casinos.

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CJ So Cool Career

In 2014, CJ So Cool started a YouTube channel. But despite his ongoing attempts, he was unsuccessful. He hardly had 35,000 views, and there were few subscribers. Only with the help of his younger brother did he realize the value of updating the information on his profile and raising the caliber of his films. Later, he started publishing "Try not to laugh," "prank videos," and other humorous videos after starting by making reaction videos. These were primarily created with Jinx, his brother, and Royalty, his girlfriend. His fame as a vlogger grew, and he started posting weekly vlogs and challenges with his family.

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How Much Is CJ So Cool Net Worth?

Cordero American YouTuber James Brady has a 7 million dollar fortune. American YouTuber James Brady is the owner of the channel CJ So Cool. His films typically feature reactions to well-known viral videos, laugh-out-loud challenges, practical jokes, and vlogs, among other things. As of 2021, CJ Cool's YouTube channel has over 8.8 million subscribers and adds 2,000 new ones daily. Through his films, the person has amassed over 2.3 billion views.

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CJ So Cool Biography

Name  Codero James Brady 
DOB  March 29, 1989 
Age  33
Place of birth  United States 
Nationality  American 
Height  6 feet 
Networth $7 Million 
Profession  Youtuber

Social Media celebrity 

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Is CJ So Cool Still Alive - FAQs

1. Who is CJ So Cool? 

CJ So Cool is an American YouTuber who is popular for his quick and hilarious reaction videos and prank videos. 

2. How many followers he has in Youtube? 

He has a phenomenal 8.47 million subscribers (as of January 2021) on his eponymous YouTube channel. 

3. Who is Jinx? 

He has a younger brother, Jinx, also a YouTuber, who has helped him shape his career and better the quality of his videos.

4. Where does CJ So Cool living? 

CJ So Cool is currently residing at Los Angles with his fiancée Royalty and has three step-kids.

5. Is CJ So Cool married? 

Yes, he is married. 

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