Is Arjun Kalyan Married? Who Is Arjun Kalyan?

Is Arjun Kalyan Married: Arjun Kalyan is a famous actor, artist, and model in the Telugu film industry and he was born in 1994 in India. Though he is a renowned actor, all have been wanting to know Is Arjun Kalyan is Married. To learn more about, Is Arjun Kalyan Married, read the article below. 

by Ushapriyanga Sureshkumar | Updated Oct 01, 2022

Is Arjun Kalyan Married? Who Is Arjun Kalyan?
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Who Is Arjun Kalyan? 

Arjun Kalyan was born in 1994 and brought up in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. He did his education at GITAM at Vizag, holds his B.Tech degree, and did his M.S from the University of Kentucky in the USA computer science. As he became interested in acting, he took an acting course at New York Film Academy on the Harvard University Campus in the USA. 

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Is Arjun Kalyan Married? 

As per newsunzip, Arjun Kalyan is not married and remains single. He became more popular through Big Boss Telugu season 6, a popular show worldwide. He had substantial girl fans, and no rumours were found about him that he was in a relationship, affair or dating anyone from or out of the industry. So we can say he is single, and many girls had a crush on him. 

Arjun Kalyan Biography

Specifications  Details 
Name  Arjun Kalyan 
Date Of Birth  4th July1994
Age  28
Nationality  Indian 
Height  5’10”
Weight  80kgs
Profession  Actor, model 
Net Worth  10 crore INR
Source Of Income  Profession 

Arjun Kalyan Height 

He maintains his health by maintaining her physique by taking a diet and working out. His height is 5’10” per centimetre, and his height per metre is 1.80m. Arjun Kalyan maintains his health and mental health by intaking healthy foods, workouts, and food dieting plans to maintain her beauty and fitness

Arjun Kalyan Age 

Arjun Kalyan was born on 4th July 1994 and was brought up in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Arjun Kalyan is 28 years old right now, and he is healthy and happy. His movies include Chinna Cinema, Love Tinesindi, Premam, Atma Rama Ananda Ramana, Playback, etc. But he friend in the film industry, where he shares a good friendship with actress Vaishnavi Chaitanya who works in the movie Missamma in the year 2021.  

Arjun Kalyan Family

Arjun's family members are his father and mother, Mr and Mrs Kalyan, and Arjun has a sister and two niece's Aadya Pandu. As for now, he is a rich actor in the Telugu film industry and has his luxury car with him. So there are no not many updates about him, and as we get soon, we will let you know as soon as possible. 


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is Arjun Kalyan married - FAQs

1. Who Is Arjun Kalyan? 

 Arjun Kalyan is a famous actor, artist, and model  in the Telugu film industry

2. Is Arjun Kalyan Married? 

Arjun Kalyan is not married

3. When he was born? 

Arjun Kalyan was born on 4th July 1994

4. How old is he? 

He is 28 years old 

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