Is Anthony Anderson Still On Law And Order? What Happened To Anthony Anderson On Law And Order?

Is Anthony Anderson Still On Law And Order - Law & Order: SVU has been on the air for 22 seasons. The show exceeded our expectations, with Anthony Anderson reprising his role as Detective Kevin Bernard from the late 2000s. After the conclusion of Black-ish, Anthony joined Law & Order, but there's a twist, Is Anthony Anderson Still On Law And Order. This article is for you if you want to find out Is Anthony Anderson Still On Law And Order!!

by Samina Yusuf Laila | Updated Sep 23, 2022

Is Anthony Anderson Still On Law And Order? What Happened To Anthony Anderson On Law And Order?
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Is Anthony Anderson Still On Law And Order? 

Law & Order: SVU returned for Season 22 in a historic three-part crossover with SVU and Organized Crime. This resulted in a cinematic television event starring some of network television's biggest names. However, one of the biggest names from Law & Order's first revival season, Anthony Anderson, was not present as Detective Kevin Bernard. None of the three episodes addressed his absence for a reason. Unfortunately for all Bernard fans, Anthony Anderson has confirmed his exit from the show. What Happened To Anthony Anderson On Law And Order? Here's what we know so far.


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What Happened To Anthony Anderson On Law And Order?

Law & Order:  Season 22 Special Victims Unit was renewed for by NBC in May 2022. One mainstay character, however, would not be reprising his role. Media outlets on May 26 confirmed Bernard's departure from the force. Sources told Deadline at the time of the announcement that his role was intended to be brief. According to the outlet, the actor "always planned to move on" after Season 21. After his exit from Law and Order was officially announced, Anthony told Entertainment Tonight that he had a plan for after leaving the show. "I wanted to go off and create more shows like Black-ish, create things that I have ownership in, and do something a little bit different," he said. "We're going out and pitching another drama called Miraculous, which I'm excited about, so looking forward to what that's going to do."  

Why Is Anthony Anderson Leaving Law And Order? 

One of the things that make Detective Bernard so exciting is that he has returned to Law & Order after a more than ten-year absence. Anthony played Detective Bernard from 2008 to 2010. He then left Law & Order to join the cast of Black-ish. The fact that he returned after all these years bodes well for his future in the series. Unfortunately, details about how the show will handle Detective Bernard's departure remain scarce. Still, we know that a new detective has joined the team — Jalen Shaw (played by Mehcad Brooks) makes his first appearance in the Season 22 premiere after transferring to the precinct after working with Cosgrove. Detective Bernard's departure should be explained further in the season's second episode, which airs on Thursday, September 29.

Who Will Replace Anthony Anderson?

Anderson's replacement has been found for the long-running show: Mehcad Brooks, who previously appeared on Supergirl, has now joined the cast of Law & Order: SVU for Season 22. According to TVLine, Mehcad Brooks has been cast as a detective in Season 22; further details about his character (including his name) have not been shared. The actor is best known for his role as James Olsen in the CBS series Supergirl, which later moved to The CW. Brooks left the series Supergirl where he was a series regular in the fifth season, but the character became a superhero in his own right. He didn't leave with any bad feelings because he returned for the series finale in 2021. 

Brooks' first major television appearance after the end of Supergirl will be Law & Order, though he did have a role to play in the Mortal Kombat film, which will be released in 2021. Outside of the superhero genre, the actor has appeared on shows such as Necessary Roughness, True Blood, and Desperate Housewives. Brooks can add his name to the list of celebrities who have played multiple characters in the nine-show Dick Wolf TV universe. He first appeared on Law & Order: SVU in a Season 13 episode in 2011.


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Is Anthony Anderson Still On Law And Order - FAQs

1. Why did Bernard leave law and order?

The actor addressed his departure and shared he had not planned to return to Law and Order on a permanent basis. He said he wanted to focus on creating other shows much like his hit sitcom Black-ish.

2. Who is replacing Anderson on law and order?

It has been reported that Mehcad Brooks (Mortal Kombat) had signed on to play a detective in a series regular role. Season 21 will also feature Jeffrey Donovan, Camryn Manheim, Hugh Dancy, Odelya Halevi, and returning franchise star Sam Waterston.

3. Is Law and Order SVU coming back in 2022?

Fortunately for Law & Order fans, all three shows will return this fall, with Law & Order: SVU returning for Season 24 in fall 2022.

4. Is the Special Victims Unit real?

The New York State Police Special Victims Unit prevents, investigates and prosecutes crimes against children.

5. Who is the longest running actor on law and order?

In 2017, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999) actor Ice-T broke the record for the longest-running Black character on TV with his role of Detective Odafin Tutuola for 18 seasons. The person who held the title before him was S. Epatha Merkerson, who played Lieutenant Anita Van Buren on "Law & Order" for 17 years.

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