iOS 14 - Know about iOS 14 Release Date, Compatibility, Features, IOS 14 supported devices and How to get iOS 14 Updates

Updated: Sep 21,2020 15:13 GMT

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iOS 14 - Apple in June 2020 introduced the latest version of its iOS operating system, iOS 14, which was released on September 16. iOS 14 is one of Apple's biggest iOS updates to date, introducing Home screen design changes, major new features, updates for existing apps, Siri improvements, and many other tweaks that streamline the iOS interface. Read this article to get to know everything about iOS 14, iOS 14 Release date.


iOS 14 Release Date

 Apple announced iOS 14 at WWDC in June and revealed many new features and enhancements to the iPhone OS. This marks the first big change to the home screen since its inception and new privacy facing features were added across the system. Find out what to expect for your device when it updates to the new OS this fall. The following large update to iOS will change numerous parts of how clients will get to applications and view data. Notwithstanding the pandemic intruding on the most recent couple of long stretches of improvement, Apple was as yet ready to come in front of an audience at WWDC swinging. Home Screen Widgets, App Library, another interpretation highlight, and speed enhancements and configuration changes signify a sizeable delivery.

iOS 14 Features

  1. App Library: The Home screen has been essentially immaculate since it was first presented on the first iPhone. A lattice of squares you could snap to dispatch an application and a spot that held each and every application you download. Little changes have been made after some time, yet iOS 14 reconsiders the whole experience. Presently clients can eliminate an application from the home screen without erasing it or concealing it in an organizer. The application will live inside the new "Application Library" situated by swiping to one side most screen. The App Library sorts applications by classification and the pursuit bar at the top will show a sequential rundown of all introduced applications.  
  2. Widgets: Another enormous change to the Home screen is redoing blended gadgets. Beforehand gadgets would live in the "Today View" on the extreme left screen, however now clients can drag gadgets into the home screen. Gadgets can take up a 2x2, 2x4, and 4x4 space on the Home screen. They can likewise be stacked into bunches that can be swiped through by the client. Gadgets can't have intuitive components and will just show data. Gadgets go about as launchers for applications that will profound connection clients to whatever substance is being shown at that point.
  3. Siri: Apple's brilliant colleague is getting a corrective makeover in iOS 14. Rather than assuming control over the whole page, it will presently appear as a little bright symbol in the base of the screen. Siri is by all accounts more conversational and will recollect past errands or inquiries better bet Siri insight is getting a lift, as disconnected interpretations of website pages are coming to Safari. As of now, apparatuses like Google Translate require a web association with exploring to their application or web device to decipher a page, which is logged for their typical information following purposes. The disconnected iOS-based arrangement is absolutely private and uses on-gadget ML to deal with interpretation demands, which is more private and secure Notwithstanding pages, iOS 14 is including a totally new application called Translate. This application will decipher discussions progressively and show the text of the interpretations on-screen in real-time.
  4. Security and Privacy: Apple regularly refreshes safety efforts to guarantee more trackers are being obstructed or uncovered from the OS level. In iOS 14, clients will experience more wise warnings for when the camera, receiver, or clipboard is accessed. The designer and public beta tests have uncovered a few applications which attempt to run measures out of sight without the client knowing. Tik Tok is by all accounts checking the clipboard with each keystroke inside a content field, while applications like Instagram appear to be running the camera out of sight without the client enacting the camera. When the camera or receiver is being used, a little shaded dab will show up over the sign bars on the correct side of the status bar, green for the camera, and orange for an amplifier. At the point when the control community is gotten to a little flag will be shown at the head of the screen demonstrating the last application to get to either the mic or camera. Whenever the clipboard is gotten to by an application a little flag will appear at the head of the screen to state the clipboard was seen by an application and where the clipboard information was gotten to from.

  5. Weather: The main Weather application on the App Store, Dark Sky, was procured by Apple in March. This implies a few things for the administration, including the application's expulsion from Android and the API being censured. In addition to the fact that Dark skies go about as an incredible iOS resident, yet it includes a ground-breaking iPadOS application also. Nothing was explicitly expressed about the Dark Sky obtaining in front of an audience at WWDC, yet new updates to the climate application and gadget show progress on that front. The wether application still unmistakably shows The Weather Channel in the base corner of the application, yet parts of the information are being sourced from Dark Sky, for example, the new one hour from now figure remembered for the application. The gadget will likewise show if downpour or other climate is coming in the hour.

  6. Messages: Messages will let clients pin discussions to the head of the visit feed and gathering talks get new custom symbol alternatives. Another new expansion is talk strings, which will let you answer to explicit messages to look after setting. This is particularly valuable in more dynamic gathering visits. Also, contacts can be explicitly labeled in a gathering visit, which will advise the client regardless of whether they have the discussion quieted.

  7. CarKey: Apple has a place with a "Car Connectivity Consortium" and iOS 14 will offer engineers some new highlights for controlling and opening their vehicles. The new API is called CarKey anApple's API will permit clients to assign an iPhone or Apple Watch to go about as an advanced vehicle key by means of NFC or BLE. BMW will be the main accomplice to help the element with the Series-5 delivering later in 2020. The innovation will use the Secure Element to store CarKey confirmation and will depend on gadget biometrics to utilize the highlights. NFC will be utilized to open the vehicle at closeness in the main delivery, yet a future delivery will exploit the U1 chip in iPhones to open the vehicle without eliminating the telephone from your pocket. Express mode will likewise permit clients to get to their vehicle for as long as 5 hours if their iPhone battery is depleted.d will swap key dandies for vehicles sooner rather than later.

  8. Homekit in iOS 14: A component like Night Shift will be coming to HomeKit lights in iOS 14. The new surrounding lighting highlight will make lights consequently alter for the duration of the day. This will make hotter tones in the first part of the day and night and stage through cool tones all through the day.HomeKit Secure Video, included iOS 13, offers some keen highlights for clients, for example, perceiving objects that show up in recordings for simpler looking through film. In iOS 14, the security highlight will increase a face order work, permitting it to distinguish unique individuals when they approach the camera.

  9. App "Clips": Apple reported the reputed App Clips and it expects to facilitate the contact of utilizing some business applications out on the planet. At the point when confronted with an e-bike or stopping meter, clients would ordinarily need to download a whole application, sign in, enter installment information, at that point at last total the exchange just to continue ahead with their day. With iOS 14, clients can tap an NFC sticker, click a connection, or sweep an exceptional QR code to get to a "Clasp." These App Clips are lightweight parts of an application, needed to be under 10MB, and will appear as a drifting card on your gadget. From that point, you can utilize Sign-in with Apple and Apple pay to finish an exchange in minutes, all without downloading an application.

Some Other iOS 14 Changes

I. Watch Youtube in 4K HDR for the first time

II. AirPlay 4K video

III. Picture-in-Picture support

IV.  search within the keyboard

V. Set your default email and web browser app

VI. Find My will allow third-party accessories like Tile to

VII. show up in-app

VIII. FaceTime eye correction returns

How to get iOS 14 on your iPhone

In case you're hoping to get iOS 14 ready for action on your phone, we have uplifting news: Apple has, at last, delivered the new programming, and if your telephone is viable you'll have the option to download it now. 

The new programming carries with it the presentation of home screen gadgets so you can additionally modify your telephone's principle show just as the hotly anticipated App Library, App Clips, and an assortment of different highlights. 

The public beta has been accessible for quite a while, however, on September 16 the organization delivered the last programming meaning you ought to have the option to download it now. The following steps will help you how to update iOS 14 on your iPhone.

1. Before getting iOS 14, back up your iPhone: As always, we recommend backing up your phone before you update the software.

Before you do anything, back up your apps and data. While this software is as stable as any normal update, it's just good practice to make sure you're all backed up in case anything goes wrong.

2. Download from the Settings page: In the event that you head to the Settings application (that is the one that has a dim foundation with a machine gear-piece in the middle) and afterward head to the tab called General. Under here, you'll discover a part called Software Update. That is the place you should discover an update prepared and holding up with a catch that says Download and Installs. On the off chance that you haven't recently refreshed to another programming, you may need to do that before advancing to iOS 14. 

iOS 14 - FAQs

1. What can Siri do in iOS 14?

Siri in iOS 14 is able to send an audio message both on the iPhone and when using CarPlay and can share an Apple Maps ETA with a contact. Siri is also able to provide cycling directions for the new cycling feature in the iOS 14 update.

2. Is the iOS 14 Update good?

iOS 14 is definitely a great update but if you have any concerns about important apps that you absolutely need to work or feel like you'd rather skip any potential early bugs or performance issues, waiting a week or so before installing it is your best bet to make sure all is clear.

3. What Ipads will get iOS 14?

Apple has confirmed that it arrives on everything from the iPad Air 2 and later, all iPad Pro models, iPad 5th generation and later, and iPad mini 4 and later. Here's a full list of compatible iPadOS 14 devices: iPad Air 2 (2014)

4. How are people getting iOS 14?

Next, open Safari to and select Download Profile. Approve the installation, restart your phone, and connect to a Wi-Fi network. Now go to Settings > General > Software Update and select Download and Install. Once your phone restarts, you'll have the latest version of iOS.

5. What is the green dot on iOS 14?

With a new feature in iOS 14, you'll know whenever an app is accessing your microphone or camera. There's a new indicator that's shown just above the iPhone's signal meter. An orange dot tells you when an app is currently accessing your microphone, while a green dot indicates an app is accessing your camera.

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