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International Artist Day 2021, Check The History, Activities, Theme, Quotes And Images About International Artist Day

International Artist Day - Artist Day has been created so that we can celebrate the artists who gave us lots of creative eye-catching artistic works. Don’t think an artist can only paint or draw. There are many forms of art that are created by an artist. Read on to know more about International Artist Day, the History, Activities, Theme, Quotes And Images.

by P Thamizhamuthu | Updated Oct 23, 2021 12:11 PM

International Artist Day 2021, Check The History, Activities, Theme, Quotes And Images About International Artist Day
Source: Times Colonist

International Artist Day 2021

International Artist Day, a day need to celebrate all forms of arts like paintings, sculpture, photography, architecture, music, and more. The celebration means showing respect to their works and their passion for creating many arts which are being a visual treat to our eyes. 

Difference between an Artist and Us, we take less than a minute to see work done by an artist whereas an artist spends more than a month, years to bring out their creativity into a work form. Shouldn’t we suppose celebrate such kind of talented people? 

International Artist Day History

International Artist Day is celebrated on 25th October every year. The popular and the most famous Spanish artist was born on this day. The man who gave many artwork that no one can create like him. Can you guess who he is that famous artist? Pablo Picasso gave many works like “Guernica” and it is one of the famous works that he created. Pablo Picasso was born on 25 October 1881. Artist day is celebrated on the artist of an artist born. 

When Is International Artist Day - 25th October every year


Image Source:India Today

International Artist Day 2021 Theme

The International Artist Association has decided on the theme for International Artist Day 2021, “You’re Not Alone.” Los Angles will host International Artist Day. A unique virtual exhibition will be conducted based on the theme and it will the part of the celebration.  

International Artist Day Quotes 2021

An artist has his own perception of looking at things that define him through his world. 

The occasion of International Artist Day reminds all of us that the world is so incomplete and colorless without artists like you.

Not everyone is known for the work they do and you are truly lucky to be known for your art.

Don’t let this art you have been blessed with fade ever because that is what makes you really special. 

The occasion of International Artist Day reminds us all that being an artist is not easy. We are really proud of you. Wishing you lots of looks with your work.

An artist is a perfection, a person who can see beyond the regular eyes. Congratulations on being one such person. Happy International Artist Day.

International Artist Day Image

Pablo Picasso's Guernica In 1937


Image Source: Magazine Artsper 

Raja Ravi Varma Painting


Image Source: Onmanorama

Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night In 1889


Image Source: Mental Floss

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International Artist Day - FAQs

1. When is world art day?    

On 15th April, World Art Day is celebrated.

2. Who formed the International Artist Day?    

A Canadian artist, Chris MacClure formed the International Artist Day by specializing the “Romantic Realism”.

3. Who is the famous Indian Artist?    

Raja Ravi Varma is considered to be the greatest artist in India.

4. What is IAD?    

IAD stands for International Artist Day.

5. When oil paint was discovered?    

In 1400, oil paint was discovered by painter Jan van Eyck.

6. When did Pablo paint Guernica?    

1937 Pablo painted Guernica.