I don't cater to an audience, I cater to a mindset: Designer Amit Aggarwal

New Delhi, Nov 24 (IANSlife) The 16th iteration of the Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour, supported by the Fashion Design Council of India, has reinterpreted its famous past to present this year's version that is more youthful, inclusive, and innovative.

by IANS | Updated Nov 24, 2022

I don't cater to an audience, I cater to a mindset: Designer Amit Aggarwal

The Fashion Tour enters the Metaverse in its innovative new avatar, making an industry-first move to create a groundbreaking fusion of fashion and technology that youthful audiences will never have seen before. As a first mover in the Metaverse in India, the Fashion Tour has launched 'Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour Park' in Decentra land, a global web3 platform, where only renowned global brands have created an immersive metaverse experience for their fans. The Fashion Tour Park features multiple interactive areas, gamified zones and showcase areas, with several engaging activities in store for users to interact with throughout the duration of the tour.

IANSlife speaks to designer Amit Aggarwal about his association with the event:

How do you feel about this collaboration with Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour?

Amit: I think what's interesting about the entire association is the core concept of pride. I think we're somewhere, fashion needs to have a much larger voice than just clothes. I think this was a perfect association where, you know, it's not just about the clothes, but primarily a lot to do with what the creators point of view of the opinion is and how each of them with their own language creates a larger sense of pride amongst the community.

How would you define your signature style and the popularity of your silhouettes, do they bring you pride and prompt you to keep pushing boundaries?

Amit: So the interesting bit is when I started what I thought I started 10 years ago, it was considered a great product for the runway, people would look at the clothes and say, oh my god, it's fabulous for a magazine editorial. It's great for the runway. But surprisingly, I am proud of this fact that in a matter of 10 years, this has become a household product at every important wedding in the country or even abroad. And I think how certain times we fail to look at something that can bring about a change is something that I think I take a lot of pride in, because something that seemed completely non fashion, like, commercial in that sense, today has kind of found its place.

Do you feel you cater to a particular audience, if so which one?

Amit: I don't cater to an audience, I cater to a mindset, I think I dress up the mind more than the body, or the person to be very honest, I think there is a lot more psychological understanding in what we do as clothing and it appeals to a certain person who resonates with that feeling. So I don't typically look at the shape of the body, the sex or the orientation of the person before I start making clothes, I don't have an idea of abuse. I just feel that if it connects with you mentally, you find a sense of beauty far larger than what it could do to your body.

With NFTs becoming a thing, do you think fashion will become a big space in virtual reality?

Amit: I think yes, definitely. Because you know, in the due course of time, I do feel that whatever gets created, will start, you know, finding a larger space for the future to come. Also, what we create today kind of leads to I mean, 20 years down the line, it would be what the history of the fashion or the culture of the moment was, and I think NFT's will also help us help fashion grow much larger into a collectible space that artists already always occupied.

Your association with Blenders Pride?

Amit: I think it is exciting. Firstly, because it's extremely curated. I think some of today's fashion needs a lot more than clothes and with the concept of pride, mixed with the idea of sustainability and pushing Of course, you know how the whole theatrical aspect of fashion needs to be today to excite the onlooker. I think the blenders pride glassware tour has been really, really exciting. And I think that I'm really excited for this show because it's going to, you know, put fashion on another front altogether.

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