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How to watch Hotstar outside India - Steps Guide for How to watch Hotstar outside India or Abroad? What VPN allows to watch Hotstar India?

Watch Hotstar outside India: Here are the Steps Guide for How to watch Hotstar outside India or Abroad? Hotstar is undoubtedly one of a kind of online streaming platform that comes loaded with great new shows. Additionally, you can also watch some cult classics on this online streaming channel. However, if you are someone from outside India, you often look for ‘How to watch Hotstar outside India?’. Well, today you are about to get the answer to ‘How to watch Hotstar outside India?’. Read till the end to learn about ‘How to watch Hotstar outside India?’

by Suganya | Updated Sep 21, 2020 15:49 PM

How to watch Hotstar outside India - Steps Guide for How to watch Hotstar outside India or Abroad? What VPN allows to watch Hotstar India?

How to watch Hotstar outside India?

Hotstar is a great online streaming channel that lets viewers enjoy sports, movies, series, and news uninterrupted. However, streaming  Hotstar outside India is a tough deal. Therefore, people, most of the time look for ‘How to watch Hotstar outside India?’. Apart from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and certainly all the other great options out here, Hotstar unquestionably holds a strong position in the countdown of online streaming platforms. If you are into something, which is Indian, Hotstar is definitely the channel you should look for. But is it really possible to stream Hotstar outside India?

How to watch Hotstar outside India? Use a VPN

Besides being an easy solution, VPN is an absolute reliable path to stream Hotstar outside India. Now-

What is a VPN?

Well VPN is Virtual Private Network, and it is the best for the people who would bypass geo-restrictions. So go for signing up for a VPN service provider who would allow you to connect to Indian VPN server. This is an assured method to watch the shows on Hotstar even if you are outside India.

These hard and fast generation swarms with VPN service providers. However, you need to be cautious to look for genuine ones.  And the worst part of this scenario is that hardly any are there who work with Hotstar these days. Well, we are here with a list of the best VPN service providers though. Check down the list to get the best of the 3 VPN service providers.

How to watch Hotstar outside India? Opt for the VPN listed under-

  1. Express VPN- It offers simultaneous connections to 5 servers. If customers feel dissatisfied with the network, they are assured to get back the invested money which is great. The brand comes with a wide range of varieties of service network all over the world that includes India. Express VPN holds the top three ranks amongst VPN service providers for Hotstar. 

  2. NordVPN-It comes with a simultaneous connection to the 6 servers. This also comes with a money-back challenge which is great. With customers rating, NordVPN is suggested to be the best and comes packed with several security features to enjoy. This not only lets you stream Hotstar in a decent way but also it is a smooth connection to enjoy all the interesting shows. So we can simply conclude that NordVPN is the strongest Hostar VPN.

  3. Surfshark: This VPN offers simultaneous connection to unlimited servers which is mind-blowing. Customers also get to avail the 30 days money-back guarantee in this regard as well. Well, customers outside India who loves Indian content prefer Surfshark VPN to the previous two options the most. But why? It is because it comes with many server options. Additionally, these servers are packed with a variety of protocol configurations and security levels. And everything you get in Surfsharf at a very low price.

Well, now you are sorted, right?

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How to watch Hotstar outside India - FAQ's

1. Can Hotstar users stream the content outside India?  

Yes, definitely. However, they need to have a high-speed server to India. Using a VPN is the ultimate good choice in this regard.


2. How to pay for Hotstar Premium outside India?  

Step 1: Buy the subscription of ExpressVPN or any other VPN and login to Hotstar to create your account.

Step 2: Now contact this person over the phone.


Step 3: After you purchase the scheme, this person will guide you with all the steps you need to do and make the payment for you.


3. How can I watch Hotstar outside on the phone?  
  1. Get yourself subscribed to PureVPN.
  2. Download then install it on your device.
  3. Make sure to change your location to India.
  4. Now, open the Play Store.
  5. Download the Hotstar app on Android.