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How to use Gloo Wall in Free Fire: Top 5 Tips To Use Gloo Walls For Defence In Free Fire

How To Use Gloo Wall In Free Fire: Free Fire is a battle royale game developed by Garena and it is released on 23rd August 2017 and Free Fire included a new Gloo Wall training area in the OB26 update. Find out the below page main content to know about How to use gloo wall in Free Fire.  

by R Naresh | Updated Sep 15, 2021 07:28 AM

How to use Gloo Wall in Free Fire: Top 5 Tips To Use Gloo Walls For Defence In Free Fire
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How To Use Gloo Wall In Free Fire?

In Free Fire training mode we can make a practice of using the Gloo wall in the best way. Free Fire included a new Gloo Wall training area in the OB26 update. With the new gloo wall, you can use as many gloo walls as you want to stop shots from all angles. This is a great way to improve your awareness of your surroundings, reflection, and Gloo Wall positioning. The Conflict Zone in the training room can be used to practise those skills in real combat. You'll be fighting actual people there, and you'll be able to use any weapon you want. You'll also be able to respawn instantly. In the Combat Zone, travel to the long building's balcony to find Gloo Wall. There's a box with as many Gloo Wall as you want. Because it is more difficult to obtain Gloo Wall and you must spend time searching matches, using the Training mode to practise using Gloo Wall is better than playing real matches.

5 Tips To Use Gloo Walls For Defence In Free Fire

One of the most popular battle royale games on mobile is Free Fire. it provides a variety of in-game things to aid in your survival. You can greatly enhance your gameplay and become a pro player if you apply them carefully. The Gloo wall is a temporary cover for any location, is one of them. If you are ardent in the fight it is one of the most important survival items.

The Below content is very useful to you, how to use the gloo walls for defence in a free fire.

1. Reaction Time

In the survival on the battleground, the most important role plays by the reaction time. You have to use the gloo wall blocking from which are the directions you going to be hit. When the play goes on you don’t know to determine the enemies directions, let us tell you how to identify the enemies. Before you going to hit, you are able to see the quarter circle of blood which is in red colour. In that time you bring your gloo wall and put in front of you that which direction enemies attack you as soon as possible.

2. Gloo Wall Button Size

Make sure the size of the gloo wall button is not to less than 70% or not to above 100% you have to see this before you going to put the Gloo Wall as fast as possible. In emergency situations, it is very easy to be approachable. At any location, you can keep the button and you have to mostly avoid changing it again and again. Practice hard and do that in a place which you are fixed.

3. Change Your Position

When the fight is going on with the enemy if you take the protection of Gloo Wall in the middle of the fight, the enemy is ready to cooks the grenade and throws it at you and eradicate you from the game immediately. Another scenario is of M82B sniper rifle. If the enemy finds your location then he is able to shoot you by the way of gloo wall and eradicating you easily. So once you made the protection by the gloo wall, make certain changes you have done the place where you are without the enemy knows, be back of the enemy and surprise him. 

4. Gloo Wall Structures

You can climb and reach the destinations where you commonly can’t able to go, you can go with the use of Gloo Walls. If you want to go to the top you have to make a staircase type of structure for this. It can be more beneficial than expected if you have a combined group. With the help of Gloo Walls, you can make the structure whatever you want.

5. Gloo Wall As Distraction

It is very helpful to distract by using Gloo Wall, particularly in the final zones when the few players are left. You have to place a gloo wall at a far location when the enemies surround you and you have to crouch or to various locations. The opponents are mainly focused on the gloo wall and shoot at that. 

How To Get Gloo Wall Skin In Free Fire 2021?

In Free Fire, it has several offers utilities. Including gloo walls and many other types of grenades. Gloo wall is used to be in a variety of ways and this is the shield that is protected against the attackers. Like every other item in the game and it also has an extensive range of skins, by spending diamonds users can purchase. McLaren-theme gloo wall skin is the recently added new to free fire in Garena. This item is available for free and this is one of the rewards in the recently introduced top-up event. The McLaren Top Up event's reward for purchasing 500 diamonds is Gloo Wall – Victory Charge. Players will also receive a Turbo Ace Surfboard, which will allow them to obtain 200 diamonds.

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How To Use Gloo Wall In Free Fire: FAQs

1. When was the Free Fire released?

Free Fire is released on 23rd  August 2017.

2. Who is the developer of Free Fire?

Garena is the developer of Free Fire.

3. What are all the platforms of Free Fire available?

The platforms which are Free Fire available is Android and iOS.

4. What type of Genre(s) is Free Fire?

In Free Fire, it has Battle Royale Genre(s).

5. What type of engine is in Free Fire?

In Free Fire, it has a unity type of engine.

6. What type of mode is in Free Fire?

In Free Fire, it has a multiplayer mode.

7. Which country made Free Fire?

Garena is Singaporean online game.