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How To Update Valheim Dedicated Server? Get To Know The Steps To Update Valheim Dedicated Server Here!

How To Update Valheim Dedicated Server? One question that lingers around in the minds of the fans of Valheim fans is how to update Valheim Dedicated server. It is a brutal survival game, where players have to build rafts, climb tall mountains, fight bosses, and also more other vicious foes. The world of Valheim is generated procedurally, and so the players can expect new challenges every time they traverse the world and start to build up their settlement. To know how to update Valheim dedicated server, read more here below. 

by Sugandha Periasamy | Updated Mar 03, 2021 10:13 AM

How To Update Valheim Dedicated Server? Get To Know The Steps To Update Valheim Dedicated Server Here!

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How To Update Valheim Dedicated Server?

Valheim is the most recent game on Steam that was released as early access at the beginning of February 2021. The game is a combination of Norse mythology and endurance giving the game a genre of survival. Since the early release of the game gamers have been gushing about the gameplay of the game, the intricacy and elaborateness it offers. Despite the game just being released a few weeks ago, it garnered a huge fanbase with more than 100,000 viewers on average. The game offers for the gamers the choice of playing either solo or group. But in the group option, only 10 players can join the game.

Survival games have always had a separate fan base amongst the gaming community, but the Valheim game with its Valheim gameplay has managed to take over the world as well as these fans who had earlier been loyal to one or two of the survival games that they preferred.

Speaking of which, how to update Valheim dedicated server is a question which many people will wonder about as the situation is pretty hectic. But, you can know how to update Valheim dedicated server here below. The steps to update Valheim server is pretty tricky but you can however do that in an easy manner. Check out the instructions in here below to know how to update Valheim dedicated server and the Valheim server commands in here below.

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Steps to update Valheim dedicated server

Since Valheim is still in the Early Access, it's experiencing a lot of updates constantly. When Valheim updates, you'll require to halt your dedicated server and allow Steam to update the application files. But, here's a catch. It is not that easy to initiate the command prompt window, as you could crash or corrupt your world thanks to a slight bug in Valheim.

Here's how you can update Valheim dedicated server:

  1. Make certain that all players have exited the server prior to making any alterations.

  2. Press the Control + C keys to initiate a shutdown whilst the command window is open.

  3. Now, a confirmation popup will appear and you can confirm the server termination by tapping on Y to confirm.

  4. Now, it will close automatically.

  5. Subsequently, head to Steam, and go to your Downloads section and click on the up arrow on the Valheim Dedicated Server to commence the update.

  6. Once the Valheim dedicated server update is done, run the "start_headless_server.bat" file which may be located in the app's directory.

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Valheim Dedicated servers are the most reliable way to run a tremendous Valheim world that's straightforward for everyone to play. That's because a dedicated Valheim server is intended to run all the time and allow people to play when it's most suitable for them.

Valheim Incompatible Version - How to fix?

Valheim incompatible version error is instigated by a clash between the game's files from the player's end with the remote server's end. To fix the Valheim incompatible version error, check out the below instructions:

  • Before heading to fix the Valheim issue, back up all the data stored in Valheim's installation directory.

  • To initiate the fix process, download and install the SteamCMD. 

  • Once SteamCMD has been installed, create a new file in the Valheim's installation directory and rename it as "Update.bat"

  • now, type the following as follows: "[SteamCMD directory] + login anonymous + force_install_dir [Valheim installation directory] + app_update 896660 validate + exit" in the "Update.bat" file and save it.

  • Finally, run the "Update.bat" file to update Valheim servers to the latest version.

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How to update Valheim dedicated server - FAQs

1. What does a dedicated server mean?

A dedicated server is a type of web hosting in which a client has the exclusive use of an entire server

2. How long it takes to beat Valheim?

It takes approximately around 32 hours to beat Valheim.

3. How many bosses are there in Valheim?

There are five bosses in Valheim.

4. Where is the Moder found?

The Moder in Valheim is found in the mountains.

5. Which is the first boss in Valheim?

The first boss in Valheim is Eikthyr.