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Snapshot In Pokemon Go: Step by Step Guide for How To Take Snapshot In Pokemon Go?

How to take Snapshot in Pokemon Go - Want to know how to take a snapshot in pokemon go? Excited on how to take some cool snapshots of your Pokemon buddies? Yes, you can learn here to take snapshots of your Pokemon here easily. Pokemon Go which is the most awesome surviving games for these many years, never fails to bring up some great ideas and features into the game. Pokemon Go which has already come up with an amazing feature of taking snapshots in Pokemon Go. Is it really possible to take snapshots with the Pokemon creatures? Yes, you can! Here in this article, we have given the steps on how to take a snapshot in Pokemon Go.

by Suganya | Updated Oct 19, 2020 13:08 PM

Snapshot In Pokemon Go: Step by Step Guide for How To Take Snapshot In Pokemon Go?

Snapshots in Pokemon Go

What is called as Snapshots in Pokemon Go? Why do you have to take Snapshots in Pokemon Go? In February 2019, Niantic introduced a new Snapshot feature for Pokémon GO that is still available. This feature helps you to set your Pokémon free into the real world using AR camera and snap photos of them in your favourite picture spots. Wow, that sounds great! Yes, it is surprising that the current technologies are taking us to a whole new level where anything is possible in this generation. The snapshots in Pokemon Go does not have anything to do with any rewards, but it just helps you to experience something great. The snapshots are just a memory that you can have it in your gallery till the end.

How to Take Snapshot in Pokemon Go?

You just have to follow some steps to click your favourite pokemon creature in Pokemon Go.

  • Open the Pokemon GO app on your iPhone and tap the Pokéball icon.

  • Tap the Pokemon icon on the left of the menu to access your captured Pokémon.

  • Choose a Pokemon that you want to take a Snapshot of.

  • In the top right corner under the favourite star, you'll find the Camera icon. Tap the Camera icon to open AR Snapshot.

  • Move the phone around to find a flat surface where you want to put the Pokemon to be clicked on.

  • Now tap the screen where you want your Pokemon to appear. The Pokeball will fly out, and your favourite Pokemon will jump out of the Pokeball.

  • Now,use a finger to swipe down on your Pokémon to make it face towards you.

  • Tap your Pokémon to get some attack poses if you want them to appear in action mode.

  • If you want to take a snapshot of another Pokemon, tap on the Pokéball return icon in the bottom left corner.

The photos will be saved to your device's memory, even if you take multiple snapshots. Tap the exit button in the upper-left corner and can see a gallery of your photos from it.

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How To Take Snapshot In Pokemon Go - FAQ

1. When was the snapshot feature introduced in Pokemon Go?

The Snapshot feature was introduced earlier in February 2019 in Pokemon Go.