How To Support Someone Who Is Grieving? Ways to Help Someone Who Is Grieving

How To Support Someone Who Is Grieving: The sad side of the world consists of people who lost their beloved ones and sometimes, we may stand confused wondering how to support someone who is grieving. Here are some effective ways to support someone who is grieving.

by V Gomala Devi | Updated Sep 15, 2021

How To Support Someone Who Is Grieving? Ways to Help Someone Who Is Grieving
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How to Support Someone Who is Grieving?

It is very hard to console a person who is grieving after a loss. You cannot completely take away their grief, but your presence with them may help the person to heal. Every person who grieves may need a soul to lend ears to their words. So, just be with the person and try to console them with positive words. Your words will not suddenly turn the person to a positive mindset. But slowly the person will change his/her mindset. When words fail to help, action can help. Even a small action can comfort the person. So, continue reading and find out how to help someone who is grieving.

What to Do When Someone Grieves?

Use Positive Words

Sometimes you don’t know what to say when you find someone grieving. Just try to say some positive words. Those words make them feel that someone is caring for them. So try to say comforting words.

Express Your Love

The grieving needs a person to comfort them. So, express your love by offering them a shoulder to lean on. Hug them when they are at the peak of the pain. Express your love to them.


If the grieving initiate a conversation, first allow them to talk completely. Give them space to express themselves. All they need is a person to listen to their painful story.

Change the Topic

In some cases, the grieving person doesn't feel comfort while talking about the topic they are grieving on. Study their face reaction. Find how they are reacting to your words. If they don't feel comfortable, change the topic immediately.

What Not to Do When Someone Grieves?

Don’t Compare

Stop comparing your situation to the person who is grieving, unless it is really fitting. Blind comparison will not help the person to heal.

Don’t be a sensationalist

Some people love to hear bad news and will keep on talking about them if there is a chance. They enjoy being shocked. Do not do that.

Don’t Fully Focus on Positives

Don’t say “ You are so strong”. That may make the person hide their true feelings. They will simply put on a fake smile to escape the situation.

Avoid asking “How Are You Doing”

Don’t ask “ How are you doing?” As we know the person is not fine. The person may also lie that he/she is doing well. So, try other words that give them a little hope.

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How to support someone who is grieving - FAQs

1. How to support a person who grieves?
  • Use positive words
  • Listen to them when they speak
  • Change the topic
  • Express your love
2. What not to do when a person grieves?
  • Don’t compare your situation to theirs
  • Don’t be a sensationalist
  • Don’t ask “how are you doing”
  • Don’t only focus on the positives
3. How long will a person grieve?

Grief lasts between 6 months and 4 years.

4. What should I do when I can’t say anything to a grieving person?

Just be with them. Your presence may help the person to heal.

5. How do I stop grieving?

Stop thinking about the matter and focus on positive things. Divert yourself from the matter.

6. Is grief a mental illness?

Grief is an emotional feeling, but sometimes this chronic grief can develop into a mental health disorder.

7. What does grief do to your body?

Grief increases inflammation, which can worsen health problems you already have. It also creates new health problems.

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