How To Stop Adverts On Youtube? Guide To Get Rid Of Ads On Youtube For Free

How To Stop Adverts On Youtube: Youtube is a video-sharing social media platform used by millions of people across the world. Many people have become celebrities through Youtube, and many earn from posting videos. But Youtube shown many ads that disturb the users. Many users are now asking How To Stop Adverts On Youtube. This article will let us know How to Stop Adverts On Youtube. 

by Aishwarya R R | Updated Nov 24, 2022

How To Stop Adverts On Youtube? Guide To Get Rid Of Ads On Youtube For Free
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Why Ads On Youtube?

Youtube is the number one video-sharing platform on the planet. It is a free social media platform. People share videos through their youtube channels and earn through that. Nowadays, normal people turn into celebrities through youtube. People create, edit, share, comment, and communicate through videos on youtube. Youtube helps users in different ways but did anyone about the company that owns youtube, how the employees will survive, and how the company runs the business? People are complaining that youtube shows many ads, but youtube generates income through showing ads. Already youtube is free to use; only youtube premium subscribers are paying for youtube.


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How To Stop Adverts On Youtube?

Youtube is the lead video-sharing platform that shows more ads before and in between videos. Youtube provides a skip-ad button when showing some ads, but the skip-ap button is not applicable to all ads. Some ads will be shown without the skip ad button. Youtube is a free social media platform, so youtube asks youtube users to subscribe for premium to watch ad-free. If people subscribe to youtube premium, they can watch youtube ad-free. 


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How To Get Rid Of Ads On Youtube For Free?

Paid Subscription users enjoying youtube without ads. Here, check the steps to stop ads on Youtube:-

  • Sign in to YouTube.

  • Click your profile picture YouTube Studio.

  • In the left Menu, click Content.

  • Select the video you want to turn off ads 

  • In the left Menu, click Monetization.

  • In the top “Monetization” box, click Off Apply.

  • In the top right, click Save.

How To Stop Political Ads On Youtube?

Youtube channel creators are access to stop personalized ads on their channels. Political ads are one part of personalized ads. The contents marked ‘Made for kids’ will automatically turn off Personalized ads. Here are the steps to stop personalized ads:- 

  • Log in to Youtube Studio

  • Click Settings, and select Channels

  • Click Advanced Settings and then scroll down

  • Find Advertisements Section at the bottom

  • Select the box Disable interest-based ads

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How To Stop Adverts On Youtube - FAQs

1. Who is the CEO of Youtube?

Susan Wojcicki is the CEO of Youtube.


2. When was youtube launched?

Youtube was launched in 2005.


3. What is the net worth of youtube?    

As of 2022, Youtube is estimated at $160 Billion.

4. What is the age of Susan Wojcicki?  

As of 2022, Susan Wojcicki is 54 years old.

5. Which is the most subscribed youtube channel?  

Indian Youtube channel is leading in 2022. T-series is the most subscribed youtube channel and has 221 million subscribers.


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