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How To Scam In Adopt Me -  Adopt Me, How Do You Scam People In Adopt Me?

How To Scam In Adopt Me - How To Scam In Adopt Me? Is what you are looking for? Then you are at the right place to know how to scam people to adopt me. Scammers are players that intend to obtain such items from other players by using different illegal techniques. Adopt Me is much known for the scammers in recent time. If you are planning on giving it a try to Scam In Adopt Me. Then here's a list of ways on how to scam in adopting me, how you scam people in adopting me and everything that you need to know about Scamming in Adopt me. 

by Shalini | Updated Oct 17, 2020 09:26 AM

How To Scam In Adopt Me -  Adopt Me, How Do You Scam People In Adopt Me?

How To Scam People Into Adopt Me?

There are loads of ways in which people are scammed in Adopt me. And here's a list of types of scam that people are fooled into.

  • "Starter Egg" Scam

  • "It's For My XXXX Family Member Who Wants It" Scam

  • YouTuber Backup Scam

  • "Selling A(n) XXX For XXX Bucks!"

  • Fail Trade Scam

  • Duo Scam

  • Give Me Your XXXX Item And I Will Give You My XXX Item After You Give Me Yours!

  • Trust Trading

  • Pet Duplication

  • Value Scam

  • Trick Item Scam

  • Video Thumbnail Scam

  • Can I Borrow Your XXX

  • Hacker Scam:

  • "I'm Poor" Scam

  • I Got Scammed/Hacked

  • Ride or Fly Pet Scam

  • Congratulations! You Won a Pet! Scam

  • Fake Trading Scam

  • Robux Scam

  • Trading (Other Roblox Game item) For (Pets)

  • This Egg Will Hatch Into a Legendary XXXX Scam

  • Baby Scam

  • "Fancy Fonts" Name Scam

  • "Other Player Glitching"

  • Auction Scam

  • "Trading Stars"

  • The Pet/Golden Egg Scam

  • The Sympathy Scam

  • Pet Sitting Scam

  • "Trades Don't Work" Scam.

  • "What's a Scam?"

  • Misconception Scam

  • Misconception Pet/Item Scam

  • Emoji/Invisible Name Scam

  • I Can Make Your Pet XXXX Color If You Give It To Me

  • " Super Rare" Pet From Item

  • "Can I Borrow XXX To Try?"

  • "I'm Quitting Adopt Me Today, So I'm Giving Away My XXXX For free!"

  • Fake Giveaway Scam

  • Neon Pet Scam

  • Whoever Gets My XXX Wins My XXX

  • The Betray Scam

  • Trading 4+ Items for XXX Item

  • Mega Neon Pet Scam

  • Dream Pet Scam


  • "You Can Add Me" Scam


  • Hacking Scam

  • The "If you help me level up XXXX for my neon, I'll give you XXX".

  • The "New (Pre-) Update Egg scam".

  • Youtuber Disguise Scam

  • Social Media Scam

  • Free Pets Go To Game Pass Tap To Buy Scam

  • Building House Scam

  • Gamepass In Other Game for Pets Scam

  • Login For Pets Scam

  • Group Scam

  • Secret Glitched Pet Scam

  • Fake Collateral Scam

  • Two-Way Scam

  • The "If you know how to XXXX I will give you an XXX".

  • The Fake Egg Scam

  • Social Media Advertising Scam

  • The Distraction Scam

  • The Bug Scam

  • "I Already Have This" Scam

  • One Color Trading Challenge Scam

  • Dream Pet Scam

  • Food Egg Scam

  • "It's a bet, and I'm scared, so earn my trust" Scam.

  • Giveaway Scam

How Do You Scam In Adopt Me??

Here are few samples on how to scam people on Adopt me,

Scam 1 

You must invite someone to a party and say it's your birthday, even if it's not. Or under your name, say it's my birthday! EXAMPLE: NeenaReadsBooks/it's my birthday! and you can receive gifts and gain free objects with zero effort 

Scam 2 

Neena ReadsBooks is not even your username, Yes that's right. You used multiple user names and repeated teh first scam you did in a loop. 

Scam 3 

In this scam,You will find a victim with useful items and persuade them into friending. You will often ask the victim to play Adopt Me or other Roblox games to gain their trust. After the scammer thinks the victim trusts them, they will use the sympathy scam or the "Can I borrow your XXX" scam on them.

 Scam 4

  • Pretend to be a famous YouTuber - when you are not, to earn a player's and start playing mire with them 

  • Offer things that are duplicate - such as pets, making pets flyable or ride-able, or offer to change the colour of your pet.

  • Start trading - Ask players to give them an item first, with the promise you'll give them something later.

  • Ask to borrow items - then don't return it.

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How To Scam In Adopt Me - FAQ

1. What does ABC mean in Roblox?

When people say "ABC" in Roblox means that they are asking/ looking for someone or something and are asking people if they have it. For example:" ABC for a dog."