How To Rewatch Spotify Wrapped 2022? A Step-by-Step Guide To Rewatch Spotify Wrapped 2022

How To Rewatch Spotify Wrapped 2022 - On November 30, Spotify Wrapped 2022 went live, allowing users the chance to check their stats for top songs, artists, and genres as well as maybe an embarrassing amount of app usage. You are in the right place if you're looking for information on How To Rewatch Spotify Wrapped 2022. To learn How To Rewatch Spotify Wrapped 2022, read this article to the end.  

by P Nandhini | Updated Dec 06, 2022

How To Rewatch Spotify Wrapped 2022? A Step-by-Step Guide To Rewatch Spotify Wrapped 2022
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Can You Rewatch Your Spotify Wrapped?

Finally, Spotify Wrapped is here, allowing users of the streaming service to see which songs they couldn't stop listening to in 2022. You may even listen to playlists produced specifically for you based on your preferences, as well as a variety of Spotify-curated playlists based on the top artists globally in 2022. Can you watch and listen to Wrapped again after you've finished watching it and listening to every song in your playlist? To find out How To Rewatch Spotify Wrapped 2022, continue reading.

How To Rewatch Spotify Wrapped 2022?

Even if you missed Spotify Wrapped, you could still rewatch it by using one of the methods suggested below.:

Step 1: Open the Home tab in the Spotify app. You need to see a section titled "Your 2022 in review." Simply click the animated thumbnail with the word "2022" in it.

Step 2: If that section isn't there, select the 'Your 2022 Wrapped' option under the Search menu.

Step 3: Find the "2022 Wrapped" and select the first result. Both the slideshow and the playlist of the top tracks are available.

The following page should appear after carefully replicating any of the aforementioned procedures, allowing you to revisit your Spotify Wrapped 2022.

Spotify Wrapped 2022 

Spotify "wraps up" the music you listened to throughout the year and publishes Spotify Wrapped at the end of the year. Every December, Spotify provides its users the chance to check over their own personal music statistics, which they can readily share and are entertaining to look at.

Users of Spotify receive information on the musicians and tracks they have most often listened to. The time you spend listening to music on Spotify will also be visible to you.

How to Get Your Own Spotify Wrapped 2022 Stats?

Here are the procedures you must follow in order to obtain your personal Wrapped 2022 statistics since Spotify attempts to make that process as simple as possible:

  • Launch the Spotify mobile app.

  • An integrated popup stating that your 2022 Wrapped is ready will appear on the homepage; tap on it to access it.

  • A slideshow of your year in review will be shown.

  • The 2022 highlights playlists can be viewed on the Spotify Wrapped page, but users of Spotify on PC are not able to access their own statistics presentation. Only the Spotify mobile app allows access to Spotify Wrapped.

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How To Rewatch Spotify Wrapped 2022: FAQs

1. How to get 2022 Wrapped Spotify?        

One thing to ensure is that you have version 8.7.78 or higher of the Spotify app installed on your smartphone. Then, all you need to do is open the app, and a prompt will appear, click on “Jump In” to begin your Wrapped. Whenever a story ends, you will get a “Share this story” button to share that card on social media.

2. How do I access 2022 wrapped?  

You can access Spotify Wrapped 2022 via Spotify's mobile app for iOS or Android. Once you've clicked through, you'll receive a series of animations and personalised slides that break down your listening habits for the year.

3. How do I find my Spotify Wrapped?  

Spotify Wrapped 2022 started rolling out to people's accounts on November 30, 2022. To access Spotify Wrapped, launch the Spotify app and go to Home > #SPOTIFYWRAPPED > Your 2022 in review. This is where you will be able to see your Spotify Wrapped cards and playlists.

4. Is Spotify free anymore?  

Play millions of songs and podcasts, for free.

5. Is Spotify still free on PC?  

However, you are still subjected to ads on Free Spotify with the desktop app, and you cannot download music for offline listening on your computer unless you have Spotify Premium.

6. How can I listen to music for free?  

There are a variety of quality, free music apps that can act as alternatives to premium music streaming subscriptions. Spotify and Tidal have free, ad-supported tiers of service, and apps like Pandora, iHeart and YouTube Music give you access to vast libraries of free popular music as well.

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