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How To Refund Skins In Valorant? Where Can I Buy Valorant Skins? Know How Much Do Skins Cost In Valorant In Here 

How To Refund Skins In Valorant - Valorant is at last accessible to everybody and bunches of players are anxious to hop into a game and give it a shot. As players gain Valorant Points (VP) and Radianite Points (RP), they can utilize them to open a wide range of various in-game skins and rewards. Nonetheless, what if you have purchased and now you want to return it and wondering how to refund skins in valorant. Here's a complete guide on how to refund skins in valorant, How much do skins cost in Valorant, why are valorant skins so expensive and more 

by Sheena | Updated Oct 22, 2020 14:30 PM

How To Refund Skins In Valorant? Where Can I Buy Valorant Skins? Know How Much Do Skins Cost In Valorant In Here 

How To Refund Skins In Valorant?

Valorant usually permits players to discount skins and different buys. In all case, there are a few standards that must be met to fit the bill for a discount. It creates the impression that most things bought with VP or RP are accessible for a discount as long as seven days in the wake of buying it. Moreover, the things are just qualified for a discount in the event that they are "unused substance," which we expect implies you haven't utilized it in a game.

  • Login to your Riot Account. Now use the credentials you use to enter the game.

  •  Just push the red button which says Get my purchase history, and you will see all the transactions you made for this account. The data that you'll see will be Total Spent, Date, Valorant Points, Payment Method, Amount.

  • If you have any items that can be refunded, you will be able to click the 'Refund 'button. Click and proceed.

  • If all the buttons are clickable or the system says: "You do not have anything available for an in-game refund currently!" You will need to SUBMIT a ticket. 

Can You Refund Skins In Valorant?

First, make sure that you can refund and what you can not. There are a lot of kinds of stuff that you can refund, and there is a list of stuff that you can not return. You can get the refund in cash but only if teh item is valid. Here's a list of stuff that is valid to refund and not valid 

Things that are not valid, you can't return 

  • Character Contract Levels

  • Battle Pass & Levels

  • Weapon Skin Levels

  • Weapon Skins once used or if you purchase a skin upgrade

  • Radiant Points

  • Bundles

The list of things you can refund in Valorant:

  • VP (for your money back)

  • Weapon Skins (if you haven't upgraded or used them)

But as we said before you can try to refund cash and the terms of the process are described further.

Why Are Valorant Skins So Expensive?

Valorant skins are so expensive because the users buy them no matter what and the developer earns more money this way. At least everybody can enjoy the game free of charge without the haves and have lots of economies impacting core gameplay. If you're a fan of Riot's Valorant , then you're not a newcomer to the concept of gun skins. Loads of skin bundles are readily available for purchase in Valorant's in-game shop at any given time, with price tags ranging from below $40 to almost $100. This has led to several outbreaks in the Valorant community from fans who got furious at Riot for placing a $100 price tag on a bundle that can't be resold.

Where Can I Buy Valorant Skins?

Most of the skins in Valorant should be purchased, and there are a few you can get for nothing, if you're willing to invest the energy. Every Agent in Valorant has one skin related to them, which opens when you arrive at level 9 in their agreement. You can see the skins by tapping the Collection tab on the primary menu, at that point trading to Agents. Snap the Agent you need to take a gander at and pick View Contract. Look over to level 9, and you can investigate the skin. You can likewise decide to pay Radiant to open up to that agreement level, yet it's costly. The only way to get skins in Valorant is to buy them in the store. This can be accessed by clicking the tab at the top of the main menu. Valorant has a rolling stone which changes each day. You'll have one main collection available, then a selection of individual skins below you can also buy.

How Much Do Skins Cost In Valorant?

The skin ranges from 475 VP for $4.99, 1,000 for $9.99, 2,050 for $19.99, 3,650 for $34.99, 5,350 for $49.99, or 11,000 for $99.99. And obviously, the price differs based on your country currency. Apart from the general category of skins for the guns, there are Agent-specific gun skins in the game as well.

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How To Refund Skins In Valorant - FAQ

1. Is Valorant pay to win?  

No, Valorant is a free game provided by Riot Games.