How to Play Teen Patti: Check Out How to Play 3 Patti and Teen Patti Game Rules?

How to play Teen Patti is something that we have been wondering ever since we were kids and Teen Patti is one of the best card games in India; it is not surprising to know that a lot of people are wondering how to play Teen Patti. Though the game was originated in India, it has reached the different corners of Asia. Teen Patti is one of the most exciting card games across the world. If you are wondering how to play Teen Patti, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find out how to play Teen Patti Game.   

by Shalini K | Updated Dec 18, 2020

How to Play Teen Patti: Check Out How to Play 3 Patti and Teen Patti Game Rules?

How to Play Teen Patti Game?

Teen Patti is an Indian Card game that is generally played between three to six players. The game is played using a standard card pack, excluding the Jokers. To begin playing Teen Patti, the players must first set a bet for the game. Before the players start the game, a fixed amount should be set as a bet. Only after the bet is set shall the cards be distributed among the players. Each player will be dealt three cards, which the players may not see initially after the boot money is collected from all the players. Once the cards are dealt, a lot like in Poker, the players will next have to call or raise. Note that to call refers to the fact that the player is willing to play but is not ready to raise the bet. To raise means that the player will add additional money to the initial bet.   

Despite Teen Patti being a lot like Poker, the players have to set bets in equal amounts. This will end up the initial bet growing, and the game will come to an end with one player having the highest hand.   

Teen Patti Game Rules

In Teen Patti, the highest value is assigned to the Aces, and the lowest is assigned to 2. The players have to aim to have the top 3 cards in hand. The ranking for this card game is as follows.   

Trail or Set

The players have to have 3 cards of the same rank.  

Pure sequence or the Straight Flush  

Three cards in sequence from one particular suit.  


Three cards in sequence but not necessarily from the same suit.   


The players must have three cards of the same suit but not necessarily in sequence.   


The card with the highest value will be the winner. The kicker’s card will determine the winner if the cards are of the same importance.   

High Card

Here, the cards are not in sequence, not in the same suit, and no two cards with the same value. The highest card will be used to determine a winner.  

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How to Play Teen Patti - FAQ

1. Where did Teen Patti originate?

Teen Patti originated in India. 

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