How to play Free Fire Game? Check Free Fire Tips and Tricks for Beginners Here

by Naveena | Updated January 13, 2021

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How to play free fire? Free Fire Game was launched on 30th September 2017, and by 2019 it was the most downloaded game in the play store and It is an online battleground game where multi-level players can join together and start their battle. According to the updates news, Free Fire New Update released on 29th July 2020, adding new characters such as Luqueta, the pet Mr Wagger, Bermuda Remastered, AUG gun, and much more. To know more about how to play Free Fire with amazing tricks and tips, read the article below.

Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is an online Battle Royale video game released on 30th September, 2017 for Android and iOS by 111 Dots Studio and Garena. This action- adventure game is played in third person perspective. Players team up and fight against each other of a total number of 50 players contained in a game who land on an island in search of weapons and equipment for their battle. The players can choose a starting point and choose their weapons and supplies to extend their game life. The ultimate goal of the player should be lasting till the end of the game without being killed by anyone and killing everyone else.

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What To Start With In Free Fire

​At the beginning of the game, you fall from the aeroplane to be on hoverboard and then fall on a location which you prefer in the map.

Once you land, search for weapons, resources, loadouts.

A perfect loadout should have a good long range gun and shotgun.

Once you are set with the weapons and your energy level, look for your enemies by following gunfire sounds. 

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Weapons category

There are several types of weapons that work in different ways in the game. The weapons categories are listed here.

How to Play the Free Fire game?

In Free Fire players freely choose their starting point with their parachute, and aim to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. Drive vehicles to explore the vast map, hide in trenches, or become invisible by proning under grass. Ambush, snipe, survive, there is only one goal: to survive and answer the call of duty. Here is a link to adapt the pro tips  .

In this video make sure to have a glance at the following time slots where proper guidance has been structured well like Do Crouch when making GLOO WALLS. [00:06], Don't do Jump and shoot every time [00:42], Don't run straight, If you are rushing to your enemy. [02:22]. Free Fire allows its user to play on PC, Laptop, and Mobile devices as well which makes its flexibility durable.

Free Fire Tips and Tricks for Beginners

  • Players need to be aware of their enemies especially while looting crates as it is the best time for your enemies to target you in open.
  • Players are suggested to use the thumb layout while playing Free Fire since the game doesn’t have any complicated in-game mechanisms.
  • Players with weak aim point shooting must choose default aim precision with or without the scope.
  • Adjust your sensitivity settings according to your device. On low-end devices with 2GB RAM, keep the sensitivity at the maximum.
  • Avoid unnecessarily jump shooting.
  • Practice your shooting aim in the practice mode of Free Fire.

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Diamonds In Free Fire

Diamonds are the in-game money from which in-game purchases are made.

The players require diamonds to access all the items that upgrade your character and gameplay.

The diamonds can be purchased by going to the Diamond section in the game.

Now that you know the sufficient details to start the game with, go give the game a try!


How To Play Free Fire - FAQs

1. How Many Levels are there in Free Fire?  

Garena's battle royale has seven different ranks. Free Fire's rank system is divided into seasons, which usually last for two months.


2. Who has the most kills in Free Fire till now?  

Sudip Sarkar is the known champion of Free Fire.

3. What is the world record of Free Fire?  

 Free Fire has hit a record peak of 80 million daily active users.


4. What is the Highest Kill in Free fire?  

The highest kill till now is 92.


5. What will be the new update in Free Fire?  

The New update in free fire will be the Free Fire OB23 which will introduce new features.


6. How many players can play in a game?

A game can have upto 50 players.

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