Among Us: Steps Wise Instruction for How to play Among Us with discord?

Updated: Oct 23,2020 15:36 GMT

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How to play Among Us with discord - Many might wonder How to play Among Us with discord and check out this article to get a clear view on how to play Among Us on phone with discord. If you have these confusions then, you have come to the right one. Here we will show you how to play Among Us with discord. For some people, they don't know how to play Among Us on the computer, that is also explained here. There is a clear description of how to play Among us with discord. Without further ado, let's get into the topic.

How to play Among Us with discord?

How to play Among Us with discord- There are many ways to play Among Us on various devices like Personal Computers, Mobile phones, tablets, etc. Among Us can be played for free, since it is cross-platform. Cross-platform software is a type fo software application which works on multiple operating systems and devices, which are often referred to as a platform. Let's see how discord works and How to play Among Us with discord.

What is Discord- How it works?

Discord is an American proprietary freeware instant messaging and VoIP(Voice-over-IP) application and digital distribution platform designed for creating communities ranging from gamers to education and business. Discord was primarily released for gamers. Later on, it was used for education and also for business. As with other chat applications, such as Slack, Discord lets you set up a chat room, it refers to as a server, to which you can invite people. When you invite someone to the server, they get a link that lets them join it, where they can either text or voice chat or even video-call with other people using that server.

How to play Among Us with discord?

The first step is to make sure that both the applications are open and ready to use. Let me repeat it. Among Us and Discord both need to be open and ready for use. The basic rule of Among Us is that impostor players must kill the other crew members without being ejected from that level, and they should be careful while killing the other crew members. When a player is killed, they will no longer be allowed to vote or chat with those that are still involved. For those playing in a group, it is common courtesy to mute yourself once eliminated. There is a toggle-mute option in discord, which is available on settings. Using that toggle-mute option crew members can mute and speak. If a crew member has died, he shouldn't talk. Instead of switching to Among Us tab, you can use the toggle-mute option, which is available in the settings menu.

How to play Among Us with discord on phone?

The same rule applies for this also. Open both the applications and check if they are ready to use. Anyone can install Among Us and Discord on their phone, since it is cross-platform and free for use. Discord became popular mainly because it is open-source software. We showed you how to play Among Us with discord on the computer and other devices, follow the same steps here top. Using the settings menu in discord, enable the toggle-mute option, and speak when the game is in the discussion stage and mute yourself when the game is in the task stage or when you die too.

How to play Among Us on computer?

Among Us can be played on the computer for free. So, here comes the next big question. How to play Among Us on the computer? Let me give the remedy for you. Well for starters, this game is straightforward to play once you understand the rule. The game takes place in a space-themed setting where they have three maps, and the host can choose the map that they want to play. Each player will take on two roles, predominantly crewmates and secondly impostors. Impostor range can be defined by the host depending upon the number of players. The impostor has to blend in with the crewmates who are on the ship and have to kill the crewmates without getting caught by crewmates. Each crewmate will have their tasks, and they should complete it before the impostor kills every other crewmate on the ship. Sounds interesting, right? And it does not end here; impostors can sabotage the ship while the crew members are performing their tasks. Among Us can be played on the computer with the help of a mouse and a keyboard. The player has to use both mouse and keyboard while playing on the PC, whereas the player can use a joystick while playing in mobile phones, etc.

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