How To Make Gravy From Turkey Drippings? Ingredients And Recipe For Gravy From Turkey Drippings

How To Make Gravy From Turkey Drippings: This is simply the perfect gravy for your Thanksgiving turkey using pan drippings! So rich, so smooth, and so easy. People are more curious to know about How To Make Gravy From Turkey Drippings. In this article, we can find information about How To Make Gravy From Turkey Drippings.  

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How To Make Gravy From Turkey Drippings? Ingredients And Recipe For Gravy From Turkey Drippings
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Gravy From Turkey

This is simply the perfect gravy for your Thanksgiving turkey using pan drippings! So rich, so smooth, and so easy! Plus, this isn't just any ordinary turkey gravy recipe. This is the world's most accessible, quickest, less-than-2o-minute recipe, conveniently using the pan drippings from your foolproof turkey. You must strain your pan drippings and combine them with butter, flour, and fresh herbs. Season with salt and also pepper to taste, and boom. You're done.

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How To Make Gravy From Turkey Drippings?

Step 1: Make the base.

Heat 4 cups of turkey broth, chicken broth, or water — or a mixture of broth and water — in a saucepan until scalding but not boiling. This will be utilized as the base of the gravy; you'll add condensed turkey drippings (roux) for your final gravy.

Step 2: Deglaze pan drippings.

  • To gather the turkey drippings, transfer the boiled turkey from the roasting pan and fix it on a cutting board to rest. Remove grease or fat from the pan using a spoon, ladle, or gravy separator ($23; Reserve ¼ cup of fat.

  • Put the roasting pan over two burners on the stove on medium warmth. Deglaze the pan by adding ½ cup water or other beverage (wine, turkey, or chicken stock). Stir frequently and scrape the base of the pan to loosen browned bits. Pour the fluid from the roasting pan into a measuring cup or saucepan of hot turkey broth.

Step 3: Make a roux.

Add ¼ cup reserved fat to a saucepan over medium warmth. Whisk in ¼ cup all-purpose flour. Cook gently, stirring constantly, until the flour yields its "raw" smell and the mixture evolves golden in color. Cooking the flour improves the thickening ability of the roux and adds color and a nutty taste to the gravy.

Step 4: Combine the base and the roux

Whisk in the superheated turkey broth and pan drippings and steam over medium heat, stirring for 5 minutes or until condensed.

Step 5: Season the gravy.

Season to taste with salt and also pepper. Transfer to a heated gravy boat or serving bowl and garnish with fresh chopped sage. Different herbs and spices may also suit your tastes; experiment with a bit of clove, a sprinkle of thyme, and a touch of mace.

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Ingredients And Recipe For Gravy From Turkey Drippings


Here is the list of ingredients to make a delicious Turkey Gravy

  • 4 cups turkey broth, chicken broth, water, or a mixture of broth and water

  • 1/4 cup secured turkey fat

  • 1/2 cup water, wine, turkey stock, or chicken products

  • 1/4 cup all-purpose flour

  • Salt and pepper to taste

  • Optional: new chopped sage, a pinch of cloves, a sprinkle of thyme, and a hint of mace

Tips For Making The Perfect Turkey Gravy Recipe

Here are the tips for making a perfect Turkey Gravy Recipe.

  • Use unsalted, low-sodium turkey or chicken stock if possible. Since the pan drippings may already be salty, I recommend you use low-sodium and unsalted products if you can find them. Then you can taste the finished gravy and count salt and black pepper.

  • Pour the pan drippings from the turkey via a colander or strainer. This will help isolate meaty bits and keep your gravy as smooth as possible.

  • If your gravy has consolidated too much, whisk in some turkey or chicken stock 1 tablespoon until it's thinned out to your taste.

  • If your gravy isn't thickening, a fast fix is to whisk in a little bit of cornstarch.

  • The color of your gravy can range from light to dark brown, depending on the spices and herbs used to make your turkey.

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What To Serve With Turkey Gravy?

  • Herb Roast Turkey Recipe

  • Chipotle Citrus Thanksgiving Turkey

  • Sweet Potato Casserole

  • Honey Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

  • Green Chile Corn Casserole

  • Easy Honey Cranberry Sauce

Reference Source: isabeleats

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How To Make Gravy From Turkey Drippings-FAQ

1. What can I do with leftover turkey drippings?

Leftover pan drippings from your roast turkey can be poured into a separate container and used later to flavor a host of dishes such as soups, stews, and mashed potatoes.

2. Can you use turkey drippings for broth?

Drippings + water = broth. Presto! You can also make your own broth by placing the turkey bones (or full carcass) in a large pot filled with water and simmering for several hours. Both methods work, and both are very tasty.

3. How do you make turkey drippings?

Start by transferring them from the roasting pan to a large liquid measuring cup. You're going to notice a layer of fat collecting at the top of the liquid – just take a spoon & use it to skim most of the fat off & discard.

4. How long will turkey drippings last in the fridge?

Officially, considering food safety guidelines, I should really say that you could keep it in a sealed container in the fridge for about a week. But unofficially, providing it has been stored in a cold part of the fridge, in a clean sealed jar, we would keep it for a month for cooking.

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