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How to Make Fortnite Update Faster Know Steps to Make Fortnite Update Faster PS4

How to make Fortnite update faster- Fortnite is one of the most popular games, but one thing that bothers a lot of people is the slow updates, and therefore people are looking to know how to make Fortnite update faster. The slow updates might be a result of bulky updates, but there are also other factors which might affect the updates. In this article, you will be able to know how to make Fortnite update faster and efficiently.   

by Swetha Ramanan | Updated Feb 17, 2021 05:16 AM

How to Make Fortnite Update Faster Know Steps to  Make Fortnite Update Faster PS4

How to Make Fortnite Update Faster?

How to make Fortnite download faster? Fortnite was initially released in 2017 and has been one of the most loved games to have ever been made. Despite the game being available on various devices, most players seem to have one complaint about the game. That is, the game updates slowly. The reason for these slow updates might be that Fortnite’s updates are bulky, but there are a few things that you can do from your side to update the game faster. Given below are some of the methods which you can use to update the game faster. 

Internet Speed

If you are overthinking the download speed, the reason could be as simple as that you have a poor internet connection. Make sure you have a download speed higher than 20 Mbps and make sure you have an upload speed of a minimum of 3 Mbps.

DNS Settings

It is speculated that changing your DNS settings can improve the download speed. To change your Network settings, head to Network Settings and change your DNS manually. 

Update Time

When Fortnite updates are initially out, everyone is trying to update the game, and therefore the update might take longer to download. Therefore, you can choose to update the game at a different time, when not everyone is trying to update the game. 

Background Apps

Making use of other apps which might require internet connection can also make the updates slower. So make sure that you are not using your device when you are updating Fortnite. We hope this section helped you know how to get Fortnite to update faster. 

How to Make Fortnite Update Faster PS4?

  • To update the game faster on PS4, a few people suggest that you pause and resume your download.

  • As we already suggested, you can also change your DNS settings manually. 

  • Try putting your console in rest mode. 

How to Make Fortnite Update Faster on Mobile?

If you are wondering how to update Fortnite on mobile 2021 faster, you can try checking your internet connection. Make sure that you have no background apps running to update the game faster and efficiently. 

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How to Make Fortnite Update Faster- FAQs

1. When was Fortnite initially released?

Fortntie was initially released in 2017. 

2. What are the platforms that Fortnite is available on?

Fortnite is available on various platforms like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Classic Mac OS. 

3. How do you speed up Fortnite update?

To speed up Fortnite update, make sure you have a good internet connection, and try closing your background apps. 

4. Who developed Fortnite?

Fortnite was developed by Epic Games. 

5. How many game mode versions does Fortnite have?

Fortnite offers around three game mode versions.