How To Know Someone Is Online On Snapchat? How To Tell When Someone Was Last Online?

How To Know Someone Is Online On Snapchat - Snapchat is a very transparent app that offers many features that not a lot of other apps give as it notifies you if someone takes your snap a screenshot or if anyone replays your snap etc. but Snapchat doesn't show clearly if someone is online or not but many are eager to know How To Know Someone Is Online On Snapchat. So in this article, we’ll see How To Know Someone Is Online On Snapchat and how to tell when someone was last online.

by Sobhika I H | Updated May 10, 2022

How To Know Someone Is Online On Snapchat? How To Tell When Someone Was Last Online?
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Snapchat is a multimedia instant messaging program and service established by Snap Inc., formerly Snapchat Inc. One of the most prominent qualities of Snapchat is that photographs and messages are often only viewable for a brief period of time before they are lost to their receivers. Users' "Stories" of 24 hours of chronological material, as well as "Discover," which allows advertisers to offer ad-supported short-form content, have grown from the app's original concentration on person-to-person photo sharing. It also allows users to save photographs in the "my eyes only" folder, password-protected. It also apparently uses end-to-end encryption to a limited extent, hoping to expand its use in the future.

It's become famous for symbolizing a new, mobile-first approach to social networking that emphasizes user interaction with virtual stickers and augmented reality items. Snapchat has 293 million daily active users in July 2021, up 23% from the previous year. On a daily basis, more than four billion Snaps are sent. Snapchat is quite popular among the younger generations, especially those under the age of 16, which raises many privacy issues for parents.

How To Tell When Someone Was Last Online On Snapchat?

There's no way to know when someone was last active on Snapchat because it doesn't have an online status indicator to identify if they're online. You can't tell when someone on your friend's list last used Snapchat, unlike Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. There is no way to enable the feature on your account through any option or switch. Despite the unavailability of this feature in the app, you may still seek for clues to see when someone last used Snapchat.

How To Know Someone Is Online On Snapchat?

No. On Snapchat, unlike other social networking networks, there is no icon that reveals your online status. Others won't be able to know you're online if you're actively using Snapchat or browsing through your friends' stories since there's no green dot next to your name or profile picture. As a result, you won't be able to know whether or not your Snapchat pals are online. While there is no straightforward method to tell if someone is presently using Snapchat, there are several subtle signs that you can use to figure out if they are or are not. We'll go through them below.

How To Check If Someone Is Active On Snapchat?

Even without an online status indication, there are a few methods to detect if your friend is online on Snapchat. Follow the instructions below to see if someone is online or when they were last online.

Method 1: Check their profile for new Stories

Checking if someone has just posted a story is maybe the most obvious way to detect if they are online. If you see that someone recently updated their profile with a fresh narrative, it's possible that they were online. By opening a story and checking at the article's timestamp in the upper left corner under this person's name, you can see when it was posted. If the story was uploaded a few minutes or an hour ago, it's very probable that it's still available.

If this person's previous article was several hours ago, they might not be online right now. When a story is shared from their camera roll, determining when it was posted becomes more difficult. This is because stories from the camera roll will show the timestamp of when the photo was taken on the user's phone rather than when the story was uploaded.

Method 2: Enable Story notifications for your friends

You can make sure you're notified whenever someone shares a story now that you know Snapchat Stories are the greatest method to see if someone is active. You'll be notified as soon as a story is published, allowing you to contact them on Snapchat or give them a snap. Open the Snapchat app and tap on your profile image in the top left corner to enable story alerts for your friends.

To enter Snapchat Settings, touch the cogwheel symbol in the top right corner of your profile. Select Notifications from the drop-down menu. Turn on the toggle for Stories from Friends on the following screen. This will ensure that you are notified whenever one of your Snapchat buddies posts a Story. Although these alerts might be useful for keeping tabs on your friends, they are only sent on an occasion, so you won't be notified the moment their article is published.

You may manage these alerts in a more advanced way to ensure you get rapid story notifications. To do so, go back to the Notifications panel and select Manage Story Notifications from the drop-down menu. Tap on the names of the friends you wish to get quick notifications from inside Story Notifications. When you've finished selecting all of the friends from whom you wish to get story alerts, press Done at the bottom. You'll now be notified whenever the person you've chosen posts a story to their profile.

Method 3: Check if they viewed your story

If someone hasn't shared a Snapchat story in a while, it doesn't always imply they aren't online. Although anybody can be online on Snapchat without actually submitting something to their profile, you can still tell whether someone is online by looking at their story views. You may examine the list of viewers for an active story on your Snapchat profile.

Because Snapchat story views are sorted in reverse chronological order, the person who most recently viewed your story will be listed first, and the person who saw it first will be listed last. As your tale receives more views, you'll see that the list is updated with new viewers. If you saw someone see your story a long time ago and you've had more views since then, but they still show at the top of the article viewers list, it's likely that they saw it later. If that is the case, they may still be online and you can initiate contact with them.

Method 4: Check whether they’ve sent a message/snap to you

Checking if someone has sent you a snap recently is maybe the most obvious way to tell if they are online. If someone sends you a snap, go to the bottom of the screen and press the Chats tab, then look for their snap at the top of the Chats screen. If you have an unopened recent snap from someone, it should show up in Chats with the title "New Snap" beneath it.

The notification "New Snap" will include a timestamp that indicates when this snap was sent to you. If the timestamp reads "Just now," it means the individual is online right now. Even if it reads "some> minutes," they might be online or available for conversation. You can allow all notifications for Snapchat by navigating to Settings > Snapchat > Notifications and turning on the Allow Notifications option at the top. This will ensure that you receive alerts when you receive a snap from someone.

Method 6: Check Snap Map

The Snap Map function displays the current location of the user on a map. Launch the Snapchat app and scroll down from the camera screen to see Snapmaps. Now go to the map and tap on the user's Bitmoji avatar. It will say when they were last online using their name. "Just now" indicates that the user is now using the program. You may also view the person's Snapmap by going to their profile. To access their Snapchat profile, simply touch on their Bitmoji. Users can, however, employ 'Ghost mode' to conceal their whereabouts. You will not be able to locate the user on the map if they have enabled Ghost mode.

Method 7: Check your conversations

You can detect when someone comes online if you're having a Snapchat discussion with them. This indicator, however, only appears when the person opens your chat message. To go to the conversation page, open the Snapchat app and swipe right. Open the person's conversation by scrolling to it. You'll see a miniature Bitmoji avatar of the person in the lower-left corner if the individual is online and has your chat session open. The avatar will vanish when the individual exits your conversation.

Method 7: Check their Snapscore

The amount of snaps a person has sent determines their Snapscore. This applies to both public and private pictures. So if someone's Snapscore goes up, that signifies they just sent a snap! To see someone's Snapscore, open the Snapchat app and press your Bitmoji in the top left corner to get to their profile. Go to My Friends and tap the Bitmoji of the person whose Snapscore you want to see. Under the person's name, the Snapscore will be mentioned. Snapscores are updated every five minutes. So wait five to 10 minutes before checking again.

Method 8: Check ‘Opened’ timestamps

If you sent the recipient a snap or message, Snapchat will tell you when they last looked at it. This will show whether or not the person is online. For up to one day, the timestamp is correct. It will just indicate how many days ago the photo was seen after a day. The recipient must have seen the snap/message.

Launch the Snapchat app and swipe right to get to the conversations screen to check a timestamp. Now find their chat room. You will notice an empty square/arrow (depending on the type of media you send) under their name if they have read the message or snap. The words "Opened" and the date it was seen will appear next to this. If the timestamp is only a few seconds or minutes old, you may assume the individual is online.

Method 9: Send a Snap

One approach to do this is to send a snap to your contact to see whether they're online. You may use it to figure out when they were last online. It works like this:

  1. On your smartphone, open the Snapchat app.

  2. Swipe to the right to access Snapchat's "Friends" interface.

  3. The "Friends" section will contain all of your recent connections.

  4. Locate the user you wish to investigate.

  5. Swiping from left to right over your friend's name will bring up the chatbox.

  6. Enter a message and then hit the "Send" button to send it.

  7. Keep the conversation window open for a while.

  8. If you see your friend's Bitmoji, look in the lower-left area of the screen. That means the person who received your message is currently reading it.

  9. When the other person uses Bitmoji, the "smiley" indicator will change to a blue dot, indicating that they are online. If the blue dot or Bitmoji does not appear, the recipient is either not online or has not yet read the message.


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How To Know Someone Is Online On Snapchat - FAQs

1. What do colors mean on Snapchat?    

The hollow purple arrow means your Snap with audio has been opened. The filled blue arrow means you send a chat. The hollow blue arrow means your chat has been opened. The filled gray arrow means the person you sent a friend request to has not accepted it yet.

2. Why is Snapchat so harmful?  

Snapchat is a harmful application for children under the age of 18 to use, because the snaps are quickly deleted. This makes it nearly impossible for parents to see what their child is doing within the application.

3. Can you log into Snapchat without the app?  

Aside from downloading an emulator to get the full functionality of Snapchat on a web browser, you can log in to Snapchat via your favorite web browser to manage your account.

4. How do I Snapchat without downloading it?  

Unfortunately, there's no way to check your Snapchat without the Android or iOS app. You can, however, use an Android emulator to bring Snapchat to your PC. 

5. Why is Snapchat safer than Instagram?  

Snapchat is a secure messaging application that cares about user privacy and protection more than any other alternatives. It allows users to upload stories for their contacts to see.