How to Get on NBA Fan Screen - What is NBA Fan Screen? Check NBA Fan Screen Here

Updated: Oct 07,2020 06:26 GMT

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How to Get on NBA Fan Screen - Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sports events have been taking place without real time audience to follow social distancing. NBA has a virtual fan screen in which enables die hard fans to cheer on their favorite players and teams from the comfort of their homes. Wondering how to become a virtual NBA fan? This article has all the answers to your questions like how much does it cost to be a virtual fan NBA, how to be an NBA virtual fan, etc.

What is NBA Fan Screen?

All the sporting league’s throughout the world have kicked on with the action. Now, the NBA has gone ahead and assured virtual experience for all the crazy fans of the league.
These virtual enthusiasts will appear on a 17 foot LED screen, which has been placed courtside. A partnership with Microsoft teams has enabled this, and the experience seems to be lovely up, until now.
What Microsoft has also done is to eliminate the backgrounds from the original fan photos, to blend them into one single background, making the virtual fan wall appear more real.

How to be an NBA Virtual Fan?

Follow the below given steps to be on the NBA Fan Screen

  • Download the Microsoft Teams app and go to the ‘Together Mode.’
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Click on the Calendar tab on the left side of your Teams window.
  • Click on “Join Now” on the Game meeting to join the crowd. Wait for a moderator to allow you in
  • Make sure your Camera and Audio are turned on and get in the action.
  • On the right-side panel, you’ll see ‘Participant List’ icon, click on it and then on the participant labelled, ‘Game Feed’.
  • This will allow you to watch the live game. Now, select ‘fit to frame’ by right-clicking on the ‘game feed.’
  • Look for the three dots button on the top right bar, and the drop-down list will have the ‘Together mode’, select that
  • Now, you’ll be live on the virtual fan screen on the court, and you can also view yourself.

How much does it Cost to be a Virtual Fan NBA?

NBA has ensured that every fan can cheer for their favourite team for free through virtual means. Nevertheless, the choice to select the fans depends upon each franchise with some franchises favouring their season pass holders.

How to Get on NBA Fan Screen - FAQ's

1. Can Multiple friends or family members fit in one virtual screen?

NBA allows fans with signed waivers to be on the screen, hence one cannot actually fit their entire family into one broadcast sreen

2. Can fans show/wear player jerseys on the virtual fan LED Screen?

Teams and the NBA want fans to feel just like how they would in a normal NBA game and hence they will be allowed to wear their team/player jerseys

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