How to get Johnny Silverhands Gun - Know about Where and How to get a gun for Johnny Silverhands

by Suganya V | Updated December 14, 2020

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In the game cyberpunk 2077, Johnny silverhands is one of the coolest characters that we can come across and to play along as well. In this article we will show you how to get a  Johnny silverhands gun, how to get Johnny Silverhands pistol and car and brief you in how to get Johnny Silverhands gun in the game. 


How to get a Johnny Silverhands Gun?

In cyberpunk 2077, we will get a chance to step into the shoes of keanu reeves character as Johnny Silverhand. Equipping Johnny silverhand with a weapon will take your game to the top. However equipping Johnny Silvehand with his rich weapon, pistol, the malorian Arms 3516, at a point in the game these weapons will leagues above anything. Johnny silverhand’s pistol can shoot through the walls and it has a special melee attack that takes care of fire damages, it also destroys any sort of opposition in the very first place you get to use it. This can become handy and it makes its appearance in the later part of the game as well by making it an addition to V’s arsenal.  

Steps to Get Johnny Silverhand’s Gun

  1. Play along through the main story until unlocking a side job/task called “Chippin In” (This side job will be available to you after completing the main story mission, involving, voodoo gang boys)
  2. Once you unlocked the side job, Meet Rogue at the Afterlife to start the mission.
  3. Play through the mission normally till the very end. 
  4. Take the gun from Grayson and the weapon will be yours. 

How to get a Johnny Silverhands Gun - FAQ

1. Did Johnny Silverhand die in cyberpunk 2077? 

There is no valid theory given yet to validate Johnny Silverhand's death. However, we knoe that in 2020 Johny Silverhand disappeared. After chasing his netrunner girlfirend, who was uploaded to arasaska mainframe. and we know it has been 57 years since ge been seen alive. 

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