How To Download Among Us On PC - How to Play Among Us On PC for FREE Online ? and More!

Updated December 22, 2020

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Shalini K

How To Download Among Us on PC? Among Us is a Top hit online multiplayer game launched by a US Software company called Innersloth, it has recently crossed 1.5 million players overall. The game has been downloaded more than 3 million times by May 2019. But with the numbers playing it online is heading towards 100 million. Players are always curious to know How to Download Among Us on PC? You can find all the information that is related to How to Download Among Us on PC for free. To know more about how to play among us on PC for free scroll down this article.


How to play among us?

Among us is an engaging multiplayer game on a spaceship with four to ten players of crewmate and impostors. The aim of crewmates is to perform simple tasks on the spaceship, while impostors sabotage operations and kill the crewmates. Crewmates hold meetings to pick a suspect. The ultimate aim is to find and kick out the impostors. The impostors win if they manage to kill all the crewmates on the ship.

How to play among us on PC? 

The game is free on the Android and iOS platforms and all versions support cross-platform play, allowing you to join other players no matter your device. It is also available on PC. But the most common question that people search for is whether the game is paid or free. And if paid then how to play Among us for free will be their next quest.
The PC version is paid and can be bought on Steam which is a video game digital distribution service. People can get the game for rs.199. 

How to play among us without downloading?

 Google has introduced Google Play Instant, It is a Play store feature that allows the users to play certain games on android devices without downloading them. However, Among us cannot be played without installing or downloading on any of the platforms.

Play among us for free - PC    

 Android and iOS users can easily download the game on the Play Store and Apple store. But how to play Among us on pc for free? The answer is Emulators. There are so many emulators that are available such as Andy, droid 4X, BlueStacks. To play among us for free in pc do the following steps:

  • Download and install any one of the free emulators on PC.
  • Run and enter the Google play store account.
  • Go search and enter Among us on the Google Play search bar.
  • Install Among us and enjoy the play with your friends. 

Steps to play Among Us on PC using Bluestacks

You can use Bluestacks to download and play among us on PC for free. Follow these steps to play among us on PC for free:

  • Download and install BlueStacks emulator from its official site on the PC.
  • Wait till the installation process gets over.
  • In the emulator window search for the Play Store app and log in to your Google account.
  • After logging in search for Among Us on the search bar and enter.
  • Select the Among Us game.
  • Click on the install button.
  • wait until the download and installation are over.
  • Launch the game from your Homepage.
  • You can join public matches or you can create a private room and enjoy the game.

How to download Among Us on PC - FAQs

1. What is Among Us game?

Among Us is one of the popular games and it has recently crossed 1.5 million concurrent players. Increasing number of players have put lots of heavy load onto the Among Us game’s servers, but the increase in the number of players playing Among Us doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

2. Can Among Us be downloaded on PC?

Yes, it can be downloaded by first downloading Android Emulator App or BlueStacks and then you can download and enjoy playing Among Us on your PC.

3. How can I download among us on PC without emulator?

To play among us on PC without emulator

  • Create or open your account on Steam.
  • Open the Steam store.
  •  search for Among Us in the search bar.
  • The game is available for INR 199.
  • Purchase the game.
  • Install it and enjoy with your friends.
4. What is the size of among us in PC?

The maximum Storage that a genuine version of the game bought from the steam would take upto 250 MB of available space.

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