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How To Delete All Tweets On Twitter: Simple Ways to Delete Multiple Tweets in Twitter

How To Delete All Tweets On Twitter: Twitter is the most famous social media platform there is, From celebrities to normal users, everyone is the same here. Most of the Twitter users know deleting your old tweets should be a part of your twitter ritual. If you're a new user searching for how to delete all tweets on twitter then this article will be a great use for you.

by Rishavanthey Kamalak | Updated Sep 07, 2021 05:31 AM

How To Delete All Tweets On Twitter: Simple Ways to Delete Multiple Tweets in Twitter
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How To Delete All Tweets In Twitter?

As everybody already knows, Twitter is a vast social media platform with a variety of users from different parts of the world. Every user has the same features but not the same opinion as yours. Social Media Platform can be very tricky and when it comes to Twitter it is even more complicated. You may not have the same opinion about a topic which you had a few years back. Chances of your own tweet getting backfire at yourself are pretty high. So if you are an avid Twitter user and want to delete your old tweets you have so many options to do that. You can always opt for the automatic deletion of your tweets. Or you can choose a service to do the job for you.

Services For Deleting Tweets

Twitter allows you to tweet nearly 2000 tweets per day, retweets are also considered as tweets. If you're using twitter for a long time and use it very frequently you’ll probably have more than 10000 tweets in your account. You can delete a few tweets, like the most recent ones manually without chaos but deleting all your tweets or multiple tweets takes a lot of time and effort. At that point you can use some services to delete your tweets. Twitter allows you to use some services for you to delete multiple tweets. Here are some tweet deleting services

  • Tweet Deleter

  • Circleboom

  • Tweet Delete

  • Twitwipe

  • Tweet Eraser

  • Twitter Archive Deleter

  • DeleteAllMyTweets

  • Twitlan 

Some services here allow you to even save your data just for you and delete it for others. You can also archive your files, select multiple tweets at a time and then delete it and many other features for you to restart your Twitter use. 

How To Delete Multiple Tweets In Twitter?

As earlier said your tweets can be deleted en masse with a service without even taking too long to complete its job. One such great tweet deleting service provider is Tweet Deleter. Tweet Deleter stands out among other tweet deleting services because not only they provide an easy deleting experience but you can also keep your deleted tweets safely with you. You can also enable their auto like deleting feature and set up your settings. Using Tweet Deleter is an effortless process. 

  • First open the Tweet Deleter website in your PC or MAC

  • Then log in your Twitter account and connect it with your Tweet Deleter

  • After logging in you will be asked to set your boundaries for the service

  • Then select “age of tweets to delete” and click on “all time”

  • From the options given below select “Delete My Tweets” 

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How To Delete All Tweets On Twitter - FAQs

1. Can you delete multiple tweets at once    

Twitter does not provide an option to delete multiple tweets at once

2. Is using Tweet Deleter safe    

Tweet Deleter pledges safety and privacy as their core service and they won’t be sharing any information to 3rd party

3. How many tweets can I delete per day    

3,000 Tweets

4. Will Tweet Deleter delete my retweets too    

Yes, you can set your parameters to delete your retweets

5. What is the tweet limit for your twitter    

2,400 tweets per day

6. How to delete my likes in twitter    

You can delete your likes by setting parameter in your twitter