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How to Chat in Valorant, Complete Guide On How to Use Chat in Valorant Here!

How to Chat in Valorant? Are you looking for steps on how to chat in Valorant? You have arrived at the right place. Valorant has now come up with a new in-game feature that is similar to Riot's other IP, League of Legends. To know how to chat in Valorant, scroll down.

by Sheetal Kumbhar S | Updated Mar 16, 2021 12:45 PM

How to Chat in Valorant, Complete Guide On How to Use Chat in Valorant Here!

How To Chat In Valorant?

Recently, it has identified that almost all games offer an in-game chat system. This feature allows the players to communicate and chat to coordinate with their team. However, remember that every IP is not the same and the "All-chat" or the "Global Chat" feature would work in different manners as well. To a new player to the Riot Games family, it would be new to use the in-game chat system and know how the communication mode works. There are 2 different ways that lead you to chat with everyone in a match. Read the whole article and get to know the steps. 

How To Chat All In Valorant?

You can chat in Valorant by pressing Shift-Enter instead of just Enter to bring the chat. You can also type at the beginning of a message, also you can check which chat you are currently typing by looking at the words in brackets that precede your message. How to text chat with all in Valorant? how to talk in team chat in Valorant? You can chat with all in Valorant by pressing shift enter instead of just enter to chat. The team is a message to your side only, while All goes to the enemy team as well. Broadcast refers to the automatic messages when players request a gun or can buy one for another player. Games close quickly when you are on the scoreboard. All stats are displayed after the game is disconnected. 

How To Open Team Chat In Valorant?

For users who want to know, how to open text chat in Valorant? How to use team chat in Valorant? Just similar to the riot’s IP league of legends, you will have to click shift+enter to open or go into the all-chat box. Few of them are not able to see all the chats in Valorant. They say I can’t see all the chats in Valorant. So, how to see all the chats in Valorant? And how to type in chat Valorant? For all issues, just enter shift+enter to see all the chats and to type. Options to type will be available in your chatbox.

How To Turn On Private Chat Into Global?

This way is an alternative way of chatting, you just have to tap the "Enter" key on the keyboard. This will then open a dialog box, visible to all your teammates alone. Then you need to type in the command ‘/all’ and then give in the text to turn into global from a private chat. 

How To Differentiate Between Chats In Valorant?

In Valorant, Riot games made the differentiation of chats easier. This can be simply done by looking at the brackets that appear prior to a user's message. Get the details below,

  • Text intended for team- The word (Team) will be available

  • Text intended for global chats (All players involved in the match)- Prefix (All) will be available

  • Text intended as broadcast messages- Suffix ‘(Broadcast)’ will be available.

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How To Chat In Valorant - FAQs

1. How to chat with all in Valorant?

Simply press Shift+Enter, the chat window will appear, and you can chat will all combatants.

2. What will be present to intend a message for the team?

The word (Team) will be available to intend a message for the team.

3. What will be present to intend a message for the global chats?

The prefix (All) will be available to intend a message for all the players in the match (Global Chat).

4. What will be present to intend a broadcast message?

The suffix ‘(Broadcast)’ will be available to intent a broadcast message.

5. Is Valorant a free-to-play game?

Yes, Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer game.