How To Beat Riddle School 2? Riddle School 2 Walkthrough

How To Beat Riddle School 2: Riddle School 2  is a Point and Click Escaping game. It was released on August 22, 2006. The users are mostly confused about How To Beat Riddle School 2 and unaware of how to finish the game. If you are searching for How To Beat Riddle School 2, Read the content below.

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How To Beat Riddle School 2? Riddle School 2 Walkthrough
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Beat Riddle School 2

The main character of the series is Phil Eggtree, Riddle School. Phil plans to escape leaving his friends behind. It is an addicting escape game where we have to help Phil to escape the school in this sequel to Riddle School. Follow the below steps in order to Beat the Riddle School 2, which means the ways to pass the game. 

How To Beat Riddle School 2?

  • Collect the four quarters around the room. Click Phred to buy his whistle.

  • Once you get the whistle, click it to play the whistle. Then will be able to leave the room by knocking out the teacher.

  •  To enter Mrs. Sleep's room, just run to the hallway. To get sliding oil and 30 cents, Click the open desk.

  • Go out, go right, and at the right side, click on the first locker results to get a dime.

  •  Again go right and get the toilet paper roll by clicking it and clicking the "slidy" inside the vent to reveal a toilet paper roll.

  • Go left and then move into the Men's Room. Use the toilet paper that you found earlier. Inside the stall, give it to the person. Then grab the mop inside the stall. Go out.

  • Go left and move into the Janitor's room and Click on the mop; get in. before you click on the talk bubble, Be sure to do it, then he will give you a dime.

  •  Choose any speech bubble while Visiting the teacher's lounge. Finish the dialogue then you will be moved out of the room. Then head to Mr. Sum's room, and you will find your friend there.

  •  On Mr. Sum's desk, Click on the notes to find a quarter. Collect it and revisit the teacher's lounge again. At the back of the cookie machine, just click. 

  • Next, Plug in the wire, and to buy a cookie, Click the cookie machine. Click the cookie to give to Chubb after Leaving the Teacher's Lounge. He will fall over and then grant you access to the office.

  • Go into the office and visit Mr. Mister's office. At the end of the hall, Go all the way left to the exit; however, Watch the cutscene. Open the door, and finally, you are free. You have finished the game.

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Riddle School 2 Walkthrough

Make sure you have all four little tiny grey balls (from what u see, but actually, it's coins!) Talk to the guy leaning near the wall with a printing of a music note from him, and buy the whistle. Blow the whistle by clicking it. Go out of the classroom now and move into Mrs. Sleep's room. Click on the desk with the top opened. You will get a "slidy" and two coins. Go out and go right on the right side; click on the first locker, and you will get one coin. Below the poster, click on the vent. Click on the "slidy" to take the vent off. You will get a toilet paper roll. Then move to Men's Room. Give the person inside the toilet paper roll. Then inside the stall, get the mop. Go left and head to the Janitor's room. Before you click on the talk bubble, Click on the mop when you get in. Go right, go into Mr. Sum's room. Get a coin by Clicking on the notes on the table. Go to the teacher's Lounge and click at the back of the cookie machine. Then Plug it into the wire. Now you can buy the cookie. Then give it to the boy. Finally, move into Mr. Mister's office. Open the door, and you are free.

Riddle School 2

 Phil, a student in Middle School in the band room, generally finds himself bored during his class. Mr. O. Boe claims that he only knows English but nothing about music, and he is  Phil's teacher. Phil decides to escape the school once more and uses a whistle to render everyone in the room, and he gets a whistle by giving a dollar to his friend, Phred Whistler. Resulting in all being unconscious except him. After that, he searched the money in school. Once he has 75 cents, he buys a cookie by fixing the cookie machine. Finally, He gives the cookie to Chubb, who rolls over to get it.

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How To Beat Riddle School 2 - FAQs

1. What is  Riddle School 2?

 Riddle School 2  is an escaping game.

2. When was  Riddle School 2  released?

It was released on August 22, 2006

3. What genre is the Riddle school 2?

It comes under Point and Click, Puzzle Solving game.

4. Is the game known to everyone?

Yes, it is a famous escaping game.

5. Who is the main character in this game?

Phil is the main character in this game.

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